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  1. softcock

    Accessories SOLD / AICS - magazine pouch

    Found a box of dozen Magazine Pouches, all same color, that made some time ago, .. which leads me to believe I need to reorganize things better . Was going to just scrap the box last night but then though to put these up for local budget minded Needy, very reasonable priced.. ( 10-$ each ) ...
  2. softcock

    US. Gov. Parasitic efficiency

    I talked to her today . She say's .. " Hey look at this that I got in mail from Social Security this week ". . Short story . She was a young child . Her mother died when she was 12 years old . Then her father dies when she was 15 years old . So the US.Social Security administration kicks her...
  3. softcock

    Movie Theater Hillbilly Elegy

    Hillbilly Elegy, on Netflix right now, and is a Ron Howard directed film. Adapted from the book of the same name by ( JD Vance ) 2016 ( My Opinion ) .. It has to be the most solid quality done piece of work that I seen so far in 2020 . but.. the online revues are pretty deceiving, and the...
  4. softcock

    Movie Theater Queens Gambit

    Queens Gambit Very solid, and just out on Netflix. Is a female lead role, but it really not a chick flick . Will bring out the Chess nerd in you, Especially if you played in school, because there is always the one asshole that was never beat and made you look like a dog when playing against. .
  5. softcock

    OR. #109, will be passing in ' Flying Colors'..

    ( FYI ) , This year 2020 Oregon vote for Measure .. # 109 Oregon State Government wants to create another bureaucratic State run agency. To own and control Psilocybin Mushrooms . They are starting out stating a ( 2 year Developmental period ) . for the State licensing, manufacture and delivery...
  6. softcock

    my 1st Male Karen today

    my 1st Male Karen today. This is not Portland, but just a quiet little town 25+ miles away . Was by the inside of local post office, going to mail a package today . I had my mask on but it was under my nose. A guy walks in behind me real close to me and loudly aggressively say's ..." put your...
  7. softcock

    Movie Theater My Octopus Teacher

    My Octopus Teacher. Netflix .. ( 2020 ) A Very very good watch. a micro production, small cast, but full story, perfect balance. .
  8. softcock

    Movie Theater Lucky

    Lucky ( 2017 ) , seen it on Hulu the other night . Not an action packed thriller ... LOL , but it still a pretty solid watch . Harry Dean Stanton , last performance on this film before he died that year at age 91 shortly after the making . - -
  9. softcock

    Romeo Zero / Pic. rail mount

    Hey .. info needed. from someone who has mounted several different micro red dots . Is the little Sig.Romeo Zero a proprietary footprint ? Just picked one up and I have an RMR mount Pic.rail attachment sitting here, I don't even have to take the Romeo zero out of the package to see, it looks...
  10. softcock

    Accessories 12 Gauge, Ammo Management

    12 gauge, Ammo Management with... 20-round, Ammo Binders . & . 20-Round Elastic Webbing Keepers . Both these items are sewn with U.S. Milled, all quality Nylon inside and out, with heavy elastic keepers .Throw them in the Range Bag or Pack, built tough for years of use. 20-Round, shot shell...
  11. softcock

    Night Vision Last Night

    Went out last night, and was a zero Moon all night and real dark just the way I like it, with a fresh bailed fields . Made a few calls but did not call in shit . Was weird also, Never even heard distant Packs light-up howling the whole night long. I at least hear them once or twice minimum when...
  12. softcock

    Accessories .50 Cal. Field Packs

    20-Round .50 Cal. Field Packs . Carrying and packing 20-Rounds of .50 handload, is a 'Brick' .. So it Built to last years of carry . Heavy padded , 1-k denier Nylon inside and out . each individual Round held in secure for Round protection and (no rattle) quiet packing . also stout carry strap...
  13. softcock

    Movie Theater the vast of Night

    Watched on Amazon Prime . is a micro budget ( B+ ) SciFi , But a GOOD watch . Great movie to kill an hour and half with the kids on the couch with some popcorn. .
  14. softcock

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Do you shoot Pistol from Chair ?

    Figured I would throw this out there, if someone on the SHcom shooting Pistol from the wheelchair ? , or has friend that shoots pistol Target or Action Range from chair . I have worked-up Magazine management accessory and have already sent out to a couple friends in Tenn. and Australia that...
  15. softcock

    Accessories DT. Magazine Pouches .

    What I have here are some Magazine pouches that carry ( 2 ) DT. Mag's . Both Large and small Mag. size . Nylon, outside and inside panel lining , in color.. ( Coyote and Black ) . There are 2-rows PALS webbing/malice clip, on backside . Pouches have a separation padded divider panel, sewn...
  16. softcock

    Movie Theater Don't Fuck With Cats

    Netfix . true crime Docu. 3-part . Came out last month. Pretty good, and it one of things you start watching, then can't stop watching, because you see he's a miswired sick little fagot and you know it's just going to escalate to Bad and then to Real BAD . .
  17. softcock

    Movie Theater The Outsider

    it just came out, Directed by Jason Bateman on the 1st two episodes , Stephen king writing . Hbo production and watching it on Amazon . So far it looking really pretty good all around . ( 10 episodes total ) but I Only watching the 1st 2 episode tonight and stopping, not watching any more...
  18. softcock

    Accessories Ammo Binders - For Sale

    Ammo Binders . For Sale .. In both 20-round and 40-round design . . Ammo Binders with a data pocket . pretty self explanatory and there use, for Pack and Field Carry of Ammo . . The Best of Quality construction, Ridged Folding in design, 1-k denier Nylon inside and out, with double-needle...
  19. softcock

    Movie Theater McMillions (2019) HBO

    looks to be entertaining . HBO trailer . Dec. 4th 2019 EDIT ADD: Ignore the 70' Porno music used in Trailer . - -