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    Barrel threading?

    I am getting ready to send out my .308 and .22-250 bolt rifles to have the barrels threaded for suppressors. I am thinking about having them both threaded to the same pitch and using Area 419 Hellfire Universal Adapters on both rifles. Both the suppressor I have in jail right now and the TBAC...
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    Labradar won't connect

    I was trying to get some data on some reloads today but no matter what I did I couldn't get my Labradar to connect to my phone. It just kept showing connection failed. I uninstalled the app then reinstalled it but it made no difference. I was running the battery pack. I started out using the...
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    Suppressors Bushwhacker 46

    So a coworker of mine just started the paperwork on a Griffin Bushwhacker 46 and is trying to talk me into getting one. Dealer has a second one in stock right now at a pretty good price. Anyone have any experience with these?2 It could go on a bolt action .308, .300 WM, .22-250, or 338 LM and a...
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    Bergara B-14 Hunter .300WM

    So I won a B-14 Hunter in .300WM last night and have a few questions. I have been wanting to get a .300WM for an elk hunt hopefully next year. If anyone has one of these rifles are there any issues with it I need to look out for. Mine has the bottom floor plate instead of DBM. I am...
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    RPRr ambi safety

    I know the factory safety is reversible from right and left handed but has anyone ever installed an ambi safety on their RPRr? I am used to ambi safeties on my AR rifles. I am going to be swapping the grip to the same grip I use on my ARs and want to add an ambi safety if it is possible.
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    Duracoat kit

    I am not sure if this is the right place to post this or not but I am looking for the stencils and colors to have a rifle duracoated in a Kryptec Mandrake style pattern. I have a coworker that does duracoat and said if I buy the stencils and colors he will coat it for me. Are there any Hide...
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    Rifle Scopes Scope for .17HMR Ruger RPRR

    I am looking to get a scope for my Ruger RPRR .17HMR. I want something that the paralax goes down below 50 yards. Due to an eye issue an illuminated retical would be nice but is not a deal breaker. The rifle will be used for varmint hunting anywhere from about 20 yards (ground hog in the garden...
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    Hunting & Fishing New hog AR caliber choice?

    I am looking to build an AR-15 to use hog hunting in Florida next year. I just got back from my trip this year where I used an AR-10 chambered in .308. The .308 worked very well taking 4 hogs with the longest shot being at 481 yards. The properties that we hunt are large ranches with the...
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    Slop between upper and lower help

    I have a PSA AR-10 .308 that I have use for hog hunting and plinking steel. It is not a precision rig and was not bought to be used as one. My problem is I have enough slop and play between the upper and lower than even when my bipod is locked as tight as possible I still have side to side play...
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    RRS Tripod with Area 419 Arcalock clamp

    I currently have the Area 419 Arcalock rail on my rifle and plan on using the Area 419 Arcalock clamp for my Atlas bipods when they arrive hopefully next week. I was about to purchase a Two Vets Tripod but am thinking of holding off and just saving up for the RRS TFCT-34L with Anvil 30 package...
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    3/8 16 to 1/4 20 adapter plate

    I am going to be ordering the Two Vets tripod in the next couple weeks with their leveling head. The leveling head has a 3/8 16 male stud. My current binocular mount has a 1/4 20 female socket mount for a tripod. My spotter also only has a 1/4 20 female socket. Is there an adapter plate the...
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    Waxed canvas vs regular canvas bag

    I am looking at getting a new sbooting bag and am curious if there is any advantage disadvantage to a waxed canvas bag vs regular canvas bag. I have no experience with waxed canvas.
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    Arca Mount for bolt gun?

    I am saving up for a tripod and leveling head. While I want a RRS tripod with an Anvil 30 it is just out of my price range right now especially after finding out today my wife pregnant with our second child. I currently have 3 bolt guns all in Manners T4-A stocks. 2 have the mini chassis. I...
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    Suppressors Elevated silence

    Does anyone have any info or experience with Elevated Silence suppressor? They were at a trade conference I am at this week and were doing a demonstration of several of their suppressor. I got to shoot their evolution on an AR-10 .308 as well as a blog action 6.5CM. Same suppressor swapped...
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    Case for Bushnell LMSS Spotting Scope

    I have the Triad Tactical case for my cheaper Ultra HD spotter but am looking for something similar for my LMSS spotter...
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    Night Stalkers Pro Tripod

    Does anyone have any first hand experience with the night stalkers pro tripod? I just can't afford the RRS at this point in time. I am curious if a RRS ball head would fit on this tripod. It would be used for hunting and target shooting only...
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    Pierced primers in AR-10

    I was trying to verify my AR-10 zero using Hornady Superperformance 165 SST ammo once I arrived in Florida for a hog hunt. At home in Maryland if was shooting great. I went to shoot 5 rounds just to confirm everything was still good from the trip down and I was all over the place. Couldn't hold...
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    A buddy of mine just purchased a 300PRC rifle. I know nothing about this round but he is saying he bought it because it will also shoot .300WM. I could be way off due to my ignorance of the round but that just doesn't seem right to me. So will a .300PRC also shoot .300WM?
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    Labradar or Magneto Speed

    I am looking to purchase my first chronograph and am debating between the two. Brownells the Labradar on sale right now but I don't know which is better. For those that have used both what are the pros and cons of each?
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    Suppressed rifle overgasses?

    I have an LWRCI M6 SPR upper on a S&W lower running an older Gemtec G5 suppressor. My cases are ejecting at the 1 o'clock or 2 o'clock position with most being closer to 1 o'clock. I am having the occasional failure to eject as well. I am currently running an H3 buffer with the standard buffer...