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    SOLD ***SPF***STI Combat Master 2011 (John Wick/Taran Tactical Model)

    Since the thread already got shit in *checking pockets * I'll offer $27, a partial pack of big red gum and my left nut 🤣 Man that's a sweet piece, I hope you get what you want, whether that means you keep it or get a bunch of cash. I'm on the lookout for an wick mpx myself.
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    Subsonic 5.56? With 10 pistol powders with no load data? Just an experiment...

    I've used trailboss with excellent results. I used Barnes matchburners, I think 85gr. I don't think you'll achieve subsonic 5.56 loads that will cycle an AR15. These were run in a Scar which was great with the left side charging handle. Excellent critter getter!
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    Whos able to make an mcx barrel?

    I found this thread while searching to see if there was a source for extensions and gas blocks- any new development? I'd love to spin up a 6.8spc and maybe a 458 socom.
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    Accessories Gun Room Clean out-MUST GO High Quality Gear

    Is the cdl stock long action? If so I'll take it.
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    Custom Powder Funnel

    I had to go look at the 419 site to make sure, their Master Funnel Kit is $100, and it takes the place of 6 Satern funnels. When you look at it that way it ain't bad at all
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    Custom Powder Funnel

    Every plastic funnel I've ever tried lets powder stick to it. Then you have to tap on it every time to get it all in the case. Satern funnels solved that problem and I've never looked back. I'd have to think hard about what the cost is of the 3d printed one versus a proven $12-15 option. Kudos...
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    Firearms For Sale: New Nesika Bay Precision V actions.

    Ah crap you have more to list?!? that makes me:sneaky: and:cool: butmakes my wallet😑
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    Firearms For Sale: New Nesika Bay Precision V actions.

    Wow I thought for sure they were all gone by now, somebody hurry up and clean him out so I'm not thinking about another :p Thanks Chad we appreciate ya!
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    Firearms For Sale: New Nesika Bay Precision V actions.

    Chad in case it somehow still got mixed up in all the commotion my number is 229-4zero3-2868 I'd like one of the ones without the rem feedlips please
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    Range Bag / Tool Organization

    For anyone interested in the hard boxes- This looks pretty slick and it's made in America to boot
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    Range Bag / Tool Organization

    Depending on where you shoot lots more than that may well be necessary for range time. Where I usually go I need a staple gun for sure. Spotting scope is nice but not always needed. If I'm doing any load development then I'll probably have 2 tripods, the chrony, etc etc. If just going to run...
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    Accessories AI, Remington 2010, Remington MSR Magazines for sale

    If these are shipped prices I’ll take the SA for $50 Well damn I’m a little slow on the draw. Seconds if anything happens
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    Accessories FS: Sig MPX collapsible stock

    I'll take this please, pm inbound
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    Accessories Nightforce M700 2 Piece Mount

    If it was a 0moa you're right. With cant involved the distance between has to be correct or they won't line up
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    Accessories Nightforce M700 2 Piece Mount

    I'm interested in this but it's either for short OR long not both. Is either of these part numbers on them? A111 is LA 2-piece 20moa A114 is SA 2-piece 20moa
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    Accessories Delete

    I'll take this. PM on the way
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    Accessories SOLD Bergara Stocks

    I haven't gotten a reply to my PM, is the carbon spf to me?