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  1. Meety Peety

    Optics Wanted - Tangent Theta 525P Gen 3XR

    Looking for a TT525P Gen 3XR. Doesn't need to be brand new, but not looking for a beater. If you have one that you want to sell, please shoot me a PM with price, details and pictures.
  2. Meety Peety

    Make Tactical Great Again

    Oh look we haven't beat this horse in a while glad we didn't let this one fall by the wayside
  3. Meety Peety

    SOLD Sold

  4. Meety Peety

    Thinking out loud, a reticle for the OEM crew

    Circle version to entry level OEM Non circle version to ZCO Everyone wins
  5. Meety Peety

    Thinking out loud, a reticle for the OEM crew

    @Jack Master just for curiosity's sake could we see what it looks like with no circle but with hash marks at the .2?
  6. Meety Peety

    .223 sniper or not?

    Looks pretty snipery
  7. Meety Peety

    Reloading Equipment San Diego Reloading Exchange (SoCal)

    I have: Varget BLC2 Titegroup I want: ~300 ADG 300 PRC brass ~500 245 EOL CCI 450s (the more the merrier)
  8. Meety Peety

    Reloading Equipment WTS - Redding .308 Competition Die Set & AMP Annealer Pilot Organizer Shelf

    For sale: Redding .308 Competition Bushing Neck sizing 3 die set. Lightly used in excellent "like new" condition. Bushings not included. $230 Shipped AMP Annealer pilot organizer shelf. Sticks to the side of the AMP and holds 4 pilots, a shell holder and the 2 allen keys for the amp mate. No...
  9. Meety Peety

    Reloading Equipment WTS - AMP Organizer Shelf

    The trade offer was in regards to the chargemaster which is now sold. Can you do me a favor and stop posting on this thread unless you plan to buy something
  10. Meety Peety

    Reloading Equipment WTS - AMP Organizer Shelf

    Charge master is sold
  11. Meety Peety

    Reloading Equipment WTS - AMP Organizer Shelf

    For sale is an AMP Organizer shelf to store your various pilots, shell holder and allen keys. This is installed with some very very strong double sided tape that will not lose its stick and does not leave any kind of residue or marks on the AMP if you take it off or move it to a new location. As...
  12. Meety Peety

    How do you be successful on Discord?

    RMR is primarily for pistol bullets, but they do have bulk 224 and 308 bullets among some other stuff. Its not a place you are going to find match 6.5 projectiles if thats what you are after. They make great 9mm projectiles and have great prices, that is what I primarily use them for.
  13. Meety Peety

    How do you be successful on Discord?

    RMR has been doing it for a while and its working fine. Take the order with 2 giant walls of text as a disclaimer stating that its going to be a long time.. people put in their orders and forget about it until it arrives a couple months later. Everyone's happy and no one is crashing their...
  14. Meety Peety

    How do you be successful on Discord?

    Got discord last night, got 5k CCI 450s tonight. Not bad.. not bad at all. And yea, it quickly became apparent that distill users are hitting practically everything before the link hits discord. You kind of need to time it and have a bit of luck as well.
  15. Meety Peety

    New Vortex Fury w/ AB?

    I too would have liked to see a UHD level option, something to compete (albeit they still wouldn't compare glass wise) with Leica rather than something to compete with Sig. Also a little surprised that these are capable of connecting to a phone app, yet no mention of the ability to connect to...
  16. Meety Peety

    TriggerTech Failures? Hang fires?

    I have 3 TT diamonds (actually 5 now but two are brand new so we won't count those) with no issues. Even though I haven't had any problems I figured maybe my info might help you isolate the issue since I have different combinations at various ages. From oldest to newest: Combo 1: Origin action...