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    Falkor Rifles

    Any particular reason you’re deadset on Falkor? They make quality stuff no doubt, but there are plenty of good actions/barrels/gunsmiths etc. that will do you a comparable or even superior rifle in probably 1/4 of the time.
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    Firearms WTS/T: Custom Falkor DMR

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    Rifle Scopes NX8 versus ATACR advise needed

    Of the multiple NX8s I’ve been behind (and tried to like), they all had some of the worst edge distortion I’ve ever seen in an optic. If you can swing the ATACR, I’d highly recommend doing so.
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    Grayboe Phoenix or KRG Bravo

    I’ve never seen a Grayboe stock that did not need to be bedded. And I’ve used a lot of them. That’s not to say that they are bad stocks, but they take a little massaging to get them right. The Bravo will be more “set and forget” from day one, not to mention the countless accessories that you...
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    6mm BR

    Embrace the slowness! It’s .1-.2 TOPS more wind than Dashers running 200+ fps faster. Watching trace is easy. It might start out a little slow but give it 200 rounds or so to break in and I’d be very surprised if you weren’t in the same neighborhood. Good luck!
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    6mm BR

    28” 1:7.5t Brux. Same load and speed out of 2 different rifles.
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    6mm BR

    Lapua brass Federal 205m 110gr A-Tips 29.6gr Varget .030” jump 10-shot Avg: 2,715fps 10-shot SD: 3.2fps She’s definitely a little laggard but the recoil is nonexistent, especially with the Maverick, and the consistency is unbelievable.
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    Mixing different lots of same powder into one

    I mix lots all the time with excellent results. As a matter of fact I highly recommend it if you do it properly. Theoretically speaking, if you take multiple lots and combine them to create a single “super” lot, you’re mediating the polarity of each of the contributing lots. That said, the...
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    Rifle Scopes US Optics Foundation series

    Last I heard they are running 6-8 weeks. I ordered my second one back in mid-March and am expecting to see it early-mid May.
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    Optics SOLD: Kahles K525i - LSW, SKMR-3

    318 and Vortex rings are sold to @Mnash 525 is still available and the price has been adjusted down to $2,750 shipped without the rings. Throw lever and bubble lever are still included.
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    Optics SOLD: Kahles K525i - LSW, SKMR-3

    318 is SPF to @Mnash 525 is still available.
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    Optics SOLD: Kahles K525i - LSW, SKMR-3

    Scope #1 Kahles K525i - used, like new SKMR-3, CCW, LSW, Sunshade Warne bubble level MK throw lever *Vortex rings are no longer included, price has been adjusted accordingly. $OLD Scope #2 Kahles K318i - BNIB, sealed SKMR-3, CCW, LSW $OLD
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    6BR Dies

    Just FYI, a Dasher seater works great for BR and BRA... if you happen to have one laying around, might as well put it to use.
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    TBAC Suppressor Cleaning

    Plug and fill with CLR. Once it’s had a chance to soak, I’ll throw it in my Frankford Arsenal wet tumbler with hot water and simple green (no pins) and let it bounce around for a while. It sounds like a stampede but the internal surface of the FA is rubber and it seems to protect the finish...
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    6BR Dies

    If you’re not averse to spending the money and/or waiting, the SAC custom dies are legit.
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    Firearms WTS/T: Custom Falkor DMR

    Bump. Have had a couple guys ask to see it all put together. This is just how I had it setup but you can really go a lot of different ways with it. The bare rifle (no optic or suppressor) weighs under 8lbs.