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    Hi from UK1

    Welcome, From the UK originally, also the Hereford / Worcester area now been living in the USA the past 7 years. DO NOT miss uneducated "liaison" officers who don't shoot, and cannot be bothered to learn the law they are meant to assist in licensing.........Oklahoma however, is way different
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    Optics Sold Vectronix Terrapin

    Confirming thats you asking price $1,100
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    Is a Data Book Necessary?

    Also beyond DOPE, they serve to record round count, cleaning record, chronograph data, reload data, rifle specs, details for head space, jump to lands etc etc etc...... Have a book for each rifle and use them as a record of the "system" versus just dope
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    Maggie’s What Cars/Trucks/SUV's do you like/want/have?

    Current vehicle, normally with 2 Labradors in the back, camping, hunting or shooting gear up top Not been cleaned since April 18 though, kinda a aquired taste
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Drop Leg Holster????

    I dont advocate a specific brand / set up but the general rules of thumb is: Go as high as you can and still be able to draw from standing, kneeing, prone etc etc Keep the pistol side / strong hand side clear of other gear If you cannot touch the muzzle with your finger tip while standing up...
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    What goofy crap do you do to ensure consistency in your reloads?

    I wear bras on my head hoping Kelly LeBrock shows up to help me do "my part"
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    What did you do in the reloading room today?

    Cleaned 2 x .308 bolt guns, 1 .300wm bolt gun, 2 ARs Loaded some .223 with 55 gn VMax, some .45/70 with 325 Gn and some .308 with 125 Gn Got a ton of brass to trim, chamfer and deburr that I've been putting off......😪
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    Firearms SOLD: 6.5 Creedmoor Shorty (Rem 700, McMillan A5, Bartlein M24, Badger EFR, SureFire)

    Bump. Seller is gtg, ive purcahsed from him recently. Buy with confidence.
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    What did you do in the reloading room today?

    Lots of brass prep, .300BO 6.5CM .223 and .308
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    Autotrickler V3 - CE Products?

    Ordered mine 03/11, received it 05/06 Worth the wait
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    Badger ordnance slick system

    Actually it came with small parts not needed for a Kestrel mount, like a camera shoe etc. I only used the clamp and arm to attach the Kestrel mount. All threads are 1/4 x 20 so really easy to set it up as long as you have the full Kestrel wind vane parts. I have no doubt theres other options...
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    Badger ordnance slick system

    I found it on Adorama a camera supplier they have a bunch of similar items and im sure available elsewhere too This ones not so easy, i kinda made it. I took an old picatinny Harris bipod adapter and ground off the stud, drilled and counter sunk for a...
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    Badger ordnance slick system

    i use the SLICK on a Mk4 for a LRF, PEQ and for a PVS 30
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    Badger ordnance slick system

    Badger does a SLICK for the Hensoldt Its pricier than the KDG but its an option
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    Optics Sold

    PM Sent