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    Trump tax returns

    So a prerequisite qualification to be president is being born in the US doesn’t have to be proven but somehow access financial records of a sitting president are a constitutional right? I don’t have words.
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    Accessories Crimson Trace 1911 compact

    Took it off a trade, my fat hands don’t work with the crimson trace on the compact frame:cry: $225 shippedmoney order, check, PP F&F or +3%
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    Accessories Larue Giftcards

    Have $1,401 dollars in gift cards for Larue. 2x $600, 1x $201. Looking for $0.85 on the dollar. Buy as a set or individually, USPS money order preferred, PP friends and family meh.
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    Accessories TruPulse 200b price cut

    Report This thing is really fast and awesome on non-reflective surfaces it’s just one of three and doesn’t get taken out of the range bag much so it’s gonna make room for other stuff. They say it’s good to 2k, farthest I’ve used it is about 800. I can’t find the paper manual but they are...
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    Dillon RT1200 w/300 BO die

    Used, works great. $300 shipped. Thanks
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    Optics LT-845 NIP

    New, 34mm, has the spare clean ring for rear ring, I run one and just haven’t found a rifle that needs this one. $250 shipped, pp +3.5%. Could consider interesting trades, AR build parts, whatever.
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    Eotech 552

    *****SOLD***** My dad bought this and couldn't use it with his eyes so gave it to my daughter, can't figure out which model it is, I’ve had it at lease seven years but I’m not sure if it’s age. I zeroed it with her and she shot a few times before she turned 10 (she decided she wanted a...
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    Firearms Sold Larue FDE #14

    I bought this one because I knew how Larue limited editions sell out but I was able to grab the match to my Costa when Mark released the higher numbers. I love having two but 2.3 wants a bolt gun and I need to fund it New with everything that came from LT minus the plastic bag the rifle comes...
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    Painting the Manfrotto

    Doesn't look like there is anything that will react negatively to paint but wanted to make sure. Anything I should watch for/tape over before I paint this bad boy?