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    Optics WTS: Razor HD Spotting Scope

    Selling a RAZOR HD 27-60X85 (ANGLED) spotting scope. Clean glass, excellent condition. Comes with carrying bag. I'm keeping RRS plate adapter shown in pics. $1200 shipped and insured TYD. Payments M.O. and cashier's check preferred. Will ship when funds clear with tracking number.
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    Optics Sale on hold: Vectronix LRF

    Vectronix Vector IV SR1 Rangefinding Binocular Deciding to sell in pursuit of a Wilcox raptar. Clean glass, excellent condition, RRS adapter, objective and eyepiece covers. Asking $8K shipped and insured. Open to reasonable offers, motivated seller. Accept M.O.'s or cashier's check, will...
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    Accessories Sold TBAC bipod

    Tried it 3 times in the field and liked it, but personal preference is for an Atlas. Has the extensions and spiked feet included. $435 shipped and insured TYD. Accept M.O. or PayPal F&F.
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    Reloading Equipment Sold: Giraud annealer

    As shown in pics. $425 shipped and insured TYD. Payment M.O. or PayPal F&F
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    **SOLD -- NF ATACR 5-25 F1

    Excellent condition NF ATACR 5-25 F1 with MOAR reticle (C545). Glass is perfect. Light mark on edge of windage cap and parallax knob from being a safe queen. $2200 O.B.O. Shipped and insured TYD. Prefer M.O. or cashier's check but can do PayPal F&F. Will confirm payment and then ship with...
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    Sold:2 Nightforce scopes for your ?

    I've got 2 scopes available for trade. Nightforce Beast and Nightforce ATACR 5-25 FFP Both scopes are in MOAR. All scopes are used in excellent condition. Have original boxes for both scopes. Willing to provide any needed further details or pics to satisfy your inquiry. Ideal trade would...
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    WTT: NF BEAST+cash for ZCO

    Well I caught the ZCO bug and am looking to trade my NF BEAST MOAR with cash for a ZCO 5-27 MPCT2. I know it's a long shot but I figured I'd give it a try in case someone wanted to go back to MOA/need some money/or didn't like some other feature. This scope has been my "go to" scope and never...
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    Rifle Scopes Another ZCO vs TT thread

    I am no scope expert, and therefore will not post with the perception of trying to be one. However, I am a shooter, and like any shooter, high end glass just makes a guy go "Mmmmm". For reference I currently own a TT, ZCO, BEAST, and ATACR. Glass wise, the ZCO in comparison to the claimed king...
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    Sold: Badger 34mm unimount

    I got this 34mm unimount 1.5" Ht. with a rifle I bought awhile ago. Mount has been sitting in gun safe. If my memory serves me right I believe it to be 0 moa cant. It is cerakoted sniper grey. $110 OBO shipped CONUS. Accept MO and cashier's check. Can do PayPal but prefer not to support...
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    Sold: BAT action bolt

    I bought a new BAT tactical action in 2014 with two bolts. One .223 bolt face and one .308 bolt face. Had plans to build the gun as a switch barrel between .223 and 6x47L. I ended up building the gun in .223 and built the 6x47L on a different action. So, selling the spare bolt that never got...
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    Gossett6MM is GTG

    Please buy with confidence from this seller. Good communication and scope was as described. One of the good guys. Thank you @Gossett6MM
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    Rifle Scopes Reticles: thru scope pics! ZCO, TT, NF, S&B, Minox, Horus, Steiner, Kahles, March, Vortex, and More!

    Anyone able to post real life pics of these reticles thru the scope? Trying to find out which my eye prefers. Post what ya got. Thank you! Edit: Anything you want posted let me know, will edit in. Otherwise if you have better pics or illuminated pics of a certain reticle posted, send them...
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    Shot Show 2019 Observation Devices

    For y'all goin to shot, please post your findings. What's new. Attention grabbers. Hands on thoughts. Keep us updated! I'm personally interested in range finding solutions--ELR options, rifle mounted options, affordable options, etc. P.S. Bonus points for pics
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    .260 or 6.5 Creed....Vote AR 10 build

    Alrighty boys, I'm tired of losing sleep on this one. So, I'm leaving it to the democratic process. Please vote for your favorite in an AR 10. You're welcome to leave your reasoning for your vote, if no reason, then just vote. Up for nomination is .260 and 6.5 Creedmoor. Please only one...
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    hypno02 is GTG

    Bought a Radius from him. Smooth transaction. Good seller.
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    Night range finding

    Does anybody have a solution for accurate range finding for distance at night? I'm starting to do more night varmint hunting. Last night I iced a raccoon at 430yds but trying to get an accurate range in the dark with a small window of opportunity was proving to be difficult. So, right now...
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    Tubb Adaptive Target Rifle

    Anybody out there with actual hands on experience with Tubb's new rig? Extremely interested in this setup and any feedback.
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    Curtis vs. Tempest

    Ok, so I recently purchased a Tempest action and I just picked up from my FFL yesterday. So excited to get this beautiful action. Loved everything about it until I lifted the bolt. First impression was, oh, that's a little stiffer than I expected. So I waited till I got home to place in vise...