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  1. pineoak

    Scope ring mounts or rings with MOA rail?

    I've used both and if quality... it'll hold zero. Spuhr, NF, Seekins, Badger, ARC M10 Just pick the one that looks best to you, lightest, cheapest of the QUALITY options.
  2. pineoak

    Best optic under $800

    For new people that are reading and learning but haven't bought yet... slightly over budget, but I think they fit the original post description pretty well. If it doesn't track, send it back. Vortex will repair or send you a new scope. I vote for this one...
  3. pineoak

    Who makes the affordable plastic "tactical tables"?

    I've seen at least one plastic "tactical table" that replaces the head of your tripod. it provides a flat surface for your game changer or other bag and you just drop your rifle on top. Anyone know the specific brands for them? Thanks
  4. pineoak

    Are heavier rifles more accurate solely due to their weight?

    Thin barrels walk when heated up. not based on theory, but every one ive ever owned
  5. pineoak

    Tikka T1X

    Cabela's/Bass Pro has the 20" in stock in .22LR
  6. pineoak

    Vudoo Gun Works V-22 Rimfire Bolt Action

    Where is everyone getting their .22 ammo? Center X & SK standard + if possible
  7. pineoak

    Accuracy International AT-X

    Does it not hold zero or not return to zero between barrel swaps at 49? Why 55-65?
  8. pineoak

    How do you use your support hand on barricades?

    When shooting off barricades, what do you do with your support hand? when I used to have a full length hand guard I used that with my hand partially on the edge of the barricade or bag the hand guard was on. when I shoot my Bravo chassis without a guard, I pull down on the front of my scope...
  9. pineoak

    Are heavier rifles more accurate solely due to their weight?

    Actionjksn hit a lot of great points. WHY it's heavy and WHERE it's heavy makes a difference. How the rifle balances off barricades, stiffness in the right places makes a huge difference. Think of a fully suspended lightweight mountain bike designed with sh*t geometry and poor...
  10. pineoak

    Really right stuff TFCT 2 series vs 3 series

    So which did you keep? or which do you grab most often for what purposes? You prefer one over the other? Which do you grab for matches?
  11. pineoak

    Really right stuff TFCT 2 series vs 3 series

    @Krob95 Did you notice a difference in accuracy at distance? Or was accuracy within reach but required more effort? How large a delta in performance between series 3, series 2, and any other tripods you've used? Did you have the L or standard height versions? Thanks
  12. pineoak

    First 308

    Accuracy International AT-X > AT308
  13. pineoak

    First 308

    +1 except for the brake. I really hate muzzle brakes. Do they work? yes. I used to love them for that reason. but when you get older, you realize how fragile and important hearing is (I still have my hearing which is still great) so many of my shooting buddies are almost deaf from not using...
  14. pineoak

    Rifle Scopes LEO sniper in need of new glass.

    Hi Terry, Not debating you in any manner. Would appreciate if you would be willing to elaborate on the points #2 & #3 shared above. Thank you sir.
  15. pineoak

    Hard to spot bullet holes at 300 yards

    Past 100, just shoot steel. Much more satisfying than paper with instant feedback. I prefer smaller targets at any given distance, but that's personal preference. With a larger target, you can spot WHERE you hit with a clean layer of paint but once your rifle is dialed, there is no point to...
  16. pineoak

    Suppressors I'm no suppressor fanatic but WOW TBAC

    I'd look into using a trust.
  17. pineoak

    Best way to move lots of guns?

    If you had say 3 safes full of guns and NFA items... and were moving more than a few hours away and needed to move those guns to a new residence... How do you ship/transfer/transport them? If possible, makes sense to drive them yourself multiple trips, but if the distance was prohibitive of...
  18. pineoak

    Anyone here from Columbia/Charleston SC?

    Would appreciate any thoughts or opinions on living/working/commuting/shooting/raising kids in those areas. Feel free to PM as well if you'd rather not post on a public forum. Thanks all!
  19. pineoak

    Suppressors I'm no suppressor fanatic but WOW TBAC

    They pick up the damn phone when you call. They are knowlegeable regarding the product they sell. The product is very high quality. Why me, you, and many other owners recommend them over other companies for bolt guns. Some would refer to Thunderbeast as the gold standard for precision rifle.
  20. pineoak

    Which can? 6.5cm

    Ignore budget, the price delta isn't huge. This is like a wife. No compromises due to budget, get exactly what you want regardless of the cost of the initial wedding. You're not going to sell it easy. Get the best for your purposes. My experience with TBAC/Thunderbeast has been excellent. My...