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  1. MPHReallyRightStuff

    New RRS Clamp for RRS Leveling Base users

    Had a lot of shooters ask if we could make an SC-LR style clamp for the leveling bases you guys are using. You'll have to ditch the pieces on top that you have and pick up a TA-UPF. The TA-UPF is the new universal platform on top, which can go to the old Universal Leveling bases (TA-U-LC), and...
  2. MPHReallyRightStuff

    RRS Bino mount

    Frank spoke about seeing this at SHOT and it was in his image gallery seen from SHOT, so wanted to let you know we just posted the Pre-order. The Bino Adapter is called the Cinch-LR BA It has our RRS Dovetail Standard milled into it, along with the Manfroto RC2 milled into the other side of it...
  3. MPHReallyRightStuff

    RRS Dovetail understanding, the term Arca-Swiss, what happens when people do not understand. Possible industry issue

    I made a quick video giving some basics on our RRS 1.5" Dovetail Standard and a quick explanation of the term Arca-Swiss. Since I didn't want to read from a script I did leave a lot out and wanted to talk about it with you guys since it is important. Arca-Swiss was a super popular photography...
  4. MPHReallyRightStuff

    Universal Leveling base upgrade

    Just to give you guys a heads up, since it is commonly asked about and multiple threads made. We upgraded one of our leveling bases with a new design and clamp. TA-2U-SC SOAR Universal Leveling Base Increased the ability to shoot more angles. Increased the lock up. Changed the mechanism to...
  5. MPHReallyRightStuff

    Rifle Scopes Need to borrow a 36mm main tube optic for test fit of new mount.

    If anyone would be willing to allow me to borrow a scope with a 36mm main tube for 2 weeks I would much appreciate it. Need to test fit and mock up before we go full speed. Not going to torque down or shoot just a simple test. Ill give a one time discount to first person to help. Discount...
  6. MPHReallyRightStuff

    Really Right Stuff Tripod, available on the Hide only!

    So I am getting rid of all of my demo/loaner/in-store use tripods. We don't ever do discounts so this is your chance to get into one cheaper than usual. I am only telling you, the Hide members about this. I am not going to list all of the tripods by model with pictures and prices or I would be...
  7. MPHReallyRightStuff

    RRS SOAR Giveaway

    Hey guys, go ahead and remove this if not the place for it. I just wanted to give the SH community a heads up. It is because of you guys that we have been able to become a household name in the precision rifle community. I just decided to start an Instagram page, and figured the best way to let...
  8. MPHReallyRightStuff

    PRS Talk First full year in a PRS Season

    Going to be shooting and sponsoring events during 2017. It'll be our first full time year in the series while shooting the matches. Going to be at AI Classic, NM PR Challenge(have to skip), Breakneck(have to skip), SilencerCO(questionable), Heatstroke, California, NRA, Outback, Lone Survivor...
  9. MPHReallyRightStuff

    Not so new, but new to the Old site

    Whats up guys! We migrated back over from Scout. Here to help any of you all with decisions and questions in the tripod shooting front.