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    Bobcat Armament

    I often see people asking about Dillon reloading equipment. If you need a dealer to work with, give a look. Kimball allowed me to trade an older, but well loved S1050 on some new equipment that better suited my current needs. The communication and customer...
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    SOLD.......Kestrel 4500 with Applied Ballistics--$350 shipped CONUS

    I have a lightly used Kestrel 4500 AB for sale with the usb dock. It's only been used with the proper batteries, no leakage. Original boxes included. $350 shipped CONUS. Paypal friends accepted.
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    AXMC barrel profile

    What is the heaviest practical barrel profile for an AXMC barrel? Is a LV or M24 profile usable? I have a few around that I could just send to a smith versus buying factory.
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    Mausingfield 300 Rum

    I have a Mausingfield LA on order and would like to use it with a 300 RUM or 338 Edge. Does anyone have one that feeds from a magazine? I'm looking at an XLR chassis with the RUM magazine but I'm willing to use any proven platform. Mausingfield will not recommend any particular combination...