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    WTB WTB M24 Triggers

    I’ll take this per my PM.
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    Reloading Equipment Berger .30 230 OTM Tactical (30112)

    I’ll take these - PM inbound.
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    SOLD WTS: PT&G Headspace Gauges - 350 Legend

    I’ll take these - PM inbound.
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    Accessories Beef in Central Nebraska

    $120 kill fee...with this crew, you could surely find someone to do that part cheaper ;)
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    SOLD Rem 700 short action old school bolt body .473

    I’ll take this - PM inbound.
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    Optics WTS Unertl 10x M40a1

    Looks to be for .308
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    Reloading Equipment LG outdoor scalping primers

    Both LG Outdoor and their other company, Wholesale Hunters, are absolutely the worst! They do enough volume on Gunbroker to hide behind an A+ rating, but there are hundreds of scathing reviews for them with F ratings..ask me how I know. I’ve been screwed by them before...never again.
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    SOLD old 700 rem Triggers

    I’ll take the other one. PM inbound.
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    Optics Sold

    I’ll take it per my PM.
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    Reloading Equipment Redding 223 dies-SOLD

    I’ll take these - PM inbound.
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    Accessories WTB: 20,000 Rounds of M855 for $250/k

    I have a significant quantity of .338 MIM Exojacket rounds I would consider selling. Details on the projectiles can be found here:
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    Accessories Sold...DPMS LR-308 upper ABQ NM $125

    I’ll take it - PM inbound
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    Accessories 20 MOA MARS RAIL System

    I’ll take all 4 per my PM.
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    Accessories Proof CF 308 barrels for sale (2)

    I’ll take both - PM inbound.