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  1. Zap_Rowsdower

    Accessories Bluesea is a scammer

    Look at the sharp line across the picture right at the top edge of the paper. Color and texture difference between the surface it is on.
  2. Zap_Rowsdower

    Rumor?? 6.5 Creedmoor Starline Small Rifle Primer Brass DISCONTINUED?

    If they run batches, that may just mean they are not tooled up to run that brass right now. Just a guess.
  3. Zap_Rowsdower

    Need a Skinny Bi*ch hand guard

    Not sure if it meets the "Not a pinch-clamp" criteria because of the wedge lock or availability of it but the Zev Tech handguard is pretty nice.
  4. Zap_Rowsdower

    Thoughts?: Miculek Magnetic Buffer System

    I prefer the less commercial Jerry.
  5. Zap_Rowsdower

    Rifle Sabots

    Might be worth looking at.
  6. Zap_Rowsdower

    Best subsonic ammo that will cycle in M&P 15 supressed?

    CCI Quiet Semi-Auto Runs in my 10/22 and TacSol 16" upper but has trouble resetting certain trigger groups.
  7. Zap_Rowsdower

    Cats are not your friend

    Little shitters...
  8. Zap_Rowsdower

    Leveling scopes

    I've used the Arisaka for years. Only issue I have encountered is when the scope is mounted low and there is not enough clearance for the tool to fit between the scope and rail. In that instance, I will break out a deck of cards.
  9. Zap_Rowsdower

    Firearms Alabama Redneck Guns & Night Vision Swap Meet?

    Per Posting because of the number of times I've had to explain this to people when selling private party. When buying as an individual from an out of state FFL, I can purchase and walk out with a long gun. If purchasing a pistol, it must be shipped to a FFL in my state of residence...
  10. Zap_Rowsdower

    Just Ordered Another Bushnell DMRII :)

    Currently have a XRS II and two DMR IIs. For the currently listed $670 price, that's really hard to beat so I ordered one.
  11. Zap_Rowsdower

    Funny prices I have seen on gunbroker

    Been looking at these sit on MidwayUSA site for weeks for $699.
  12. Zap_Rowsdower

    Anyone have experience with the Zev Small Frame 6.5?

    To further add irrelevant information, I have the Zev Tech large frame 16" 308. Every mag I've tried so far falls out when shooting except for the 20 round pmag that came with it. I've monkied with the gas system to try and find a sweet spot between suppressed and non but haven't. Installed...