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    .22 Rimfire Squirrel Rifles

    As squirrel season is about to open in Kansas and Missouri I am starting a thread rifles and related items we utilize to hunt them. Was not sure if proper to post in this or the hunting thread but decided here as the main focus will be rifles and ammo. I will be posting photos of my rifles...
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    Reloading Equipment Weatherby Ammo and Brass. 7MM, 300 and 375 Weatherby

    I have a fairly large lot of 7MM Weatherby ammo. 300 Weatherby ammo and brass 375 Weatherby ammo and brass. All Weatherby brand. Mostly older stock, tiger and bear boxes. Brass is 1.00 each and ammo 2.00 plus per round. All prices shipped. Thank you, RTH Will post photos and details on...
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    Rimfire Scope Options

    I am considering getting a new scope for my Winchester 52C sporting rifle. It is factory D&T for a Redfield type mount. The rifle is to be used for tree squirrel hunting as well as casual target shooting. For this applicaton I prefer MOA due to slightly finer adjustment increments. I prefer 1"...
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    Biden Harris go to Atlanta

    I read that headline and wonder, why do they go? Why to they both need to go? Why don't they go to Chicago where more than 8 people are killed many weekends each year? Could it be because the perp is not an "angry white male?" Surly not...
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    Reloading Equipment .270 Bullets Trade

    Listing the pictured .270 Bullets. 400 160 grain Lapua 100 Speer Grand Slam Barnes 110 grain TS and Tipped TS all boxes full. Trade for 22 cal 77 grain SMK OR TMK.
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    Minneapolis settles with Floyd family for 27 million

    George must have been a very valuable member of society.
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    Accessories Sold

    FS, Tan MDT short action Rem type Chassis, like new folder. No mods. Has all weights and full length Arca rail.
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    Possible Scam Alert

    I recently had an inquiry from Ross The Ronin about a Norotos mount I listed for sale. At first he wanted it shipped to Canada. I refused. Then he said it would ship CONUS. He then requested I send a PP funds request. I did so but found it odd. It came back with a bunch of ChiCom crap as the...
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    Accessories Murphy Precision Rem 700 Titanium Pic rail. New, no package. 20 MOA. Long action.

    Will post picture tonight. I opened this but rifle sold prior to any use. I also have MP Ti rings 34 MM Low if buyer wants them. This unit finished in factory black Ceracoat. Satin finish. Rem Long action 700, 20 MOA. I paid 220.00 plus 12.00 shipping and a long wait. 200.00 shipped. Thanks, RTH
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    Reloading Equipment sold

    80 new Norma 7.65 brass cases and die set. 110 shipped for all. 40 apparently new primed 6.5x55 cases. 60 shipped. Thanks! RTH
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    Accessories Sold/Shipped

    Listing this McMillan A5 adjustable stock. Rem short action or clone, cut for DBM. SPF Thanks!
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    Accessories 14, 24 and 32 gauge shotgun ammo

    I have the 3 full boxes of collector ammunition. Boxes are full and excellent condition. 250 for all or will separate. The 14 gauge ammo is experimental Winchester from about 1958-60. It is aluminum cased and roll crimped. Thanks! RTH
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    Accessories 500 Rds PMC 55 Grain 5.56 Ammo

    Listing as title says. No trades. Boxed, clean ammo. 500.00 shipped.
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    Rimfire Unusual .22 RF ammunition FS

    Listing several lots of unusual . 22 RF ammunition. Approx 20 boxes 22 short ammunition. Various makes. 10.00 box for the lot, shipped. Will get count and details for buyer. Approx 16 boxes .22 Long ammunition. 10.00 box for lot shipped. Same as above on exact count and details .SOLD 22 LR...
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    Reloading Equipment Brass FS

    Listing up more brass for sale. Updated 300 Weatherby once fired Weatherby brand 80.00/100 .243 Win new Lapua Brass 110.00 shipped
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    Rimfire Ammo Lot Testing

    @justin amateur If I shoot this all into one group is it an adequate sample size? Must I do it indoors? Just checking.😂
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    Cast Bullets Subsonic Suppressed

    I have avoided cast bullets in suppressers. Is anyone using them with good result on subs over the long haul? Pros/Cons? Thanks!
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    Is Optics Planet a Complete Scam?

    A few weeks ago I placed an order with Optics Planet. It showed in stock. Received confirmation then nothing. I tried calling but only got a recording and menu with no option to talk to a person. I tried emailing but it bounces back. I paid via PP and money has left account. Are others having...
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    Reloading Equipment Sold

    After 2 years of selling odd lot bullets here I’m down to the last groupings. (I think) :)
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    Lone Peak/Proof CF Project

    Getting ready to ship a Lone Peak Ti Fuzion action and Proof barrel to LRI to build a .308 Darn, forgot the photo!