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  1. Basher

    Accessories B5 SOPMOD Enhanced FDE - $80!

    Finally got a chance to try this out at the range today. Feels great, I love how simple and streamlined it looks/feels compared to my MagPul STR, but this thing is a beard hair pulling son of a bitch (I had 7-8 hairs slowly pulled out by it while shooting, LOL), so I’m sticking with the STR. My...
  2. Basher

    Accessories FN/Winchester M70 factory TBM bottom metal

    Brand new in the wrapper, no action screws (should use your existing ones, I believe) or mags. Looking for $80 shipped. Thanks!
  3. Basher

    SOLD *SOLD!* Vortex Razor AMG UH-1 Gen1

    *SOLD!* It is with some hesitation that I list this as they’re amazeballs optics for the price, but I got a good deal on an M4S, so something’s gotta give! Up for sale in an excellent condition Gen1 Huey. Glass is clear, reticle is clear (even better with a magnifier!), and it’s clean in...
  4. Basher

    Optics WTB Badger COMM/C1 tan Aimpoint plate

    Just like the title says, I’m looking for a tan Aimpoint Micro (T1/T2) plate for the Badger Condition One Modular Mount. New or used, as long as it’s in good shape and comes with the screws. Thanks!
  5. Basher

    SOLD Vortex Strike Eagle 5-25x56 mrad

    Purchased this several months back, but the project it was purchased for has fallen through. It’s been opened and played with, but never mounted or shot. Comes with everything as from the factory, box, papers, cloth, sun shade, rubber bikini cover, etc. I’m looking for $650 shipped Priority, no...
  6. Basher

    SOLD Sierra 7mm 183gr SMK

    Ran across a box of these from back when I had a .284WIN barrel for my AI. This is a full box of 100, opened to inspect but I never got around to using them. Looking to get $45 shipped Priority for them. Thanks!
  7. Basher

    Optics *$SPF!* Aimpoint PRO w/ Bobro cantilever mount and rubber cover

    Decided to try an LPVO for one of my rifles and need to move this to help recoup fund from that purchase. This is a newer PRO with M4 style caps in a Bobro lower 1/3 cantilever mount. Condition is excellent for both the optic and the mount, glass is pristine, dot bright, controls all work as...
  8. Basher

    SOLD *SOLD!* CNC S Werks AI AT/AX single load sled - $50!

    Up for sale is a CNC S Werks single load sled for the AI AT/AX series of rifles. These are great for load development or use with calibers too long for magazine use (think .284WIN, numerous magnums you can get barrels for but that won’t mag feed, etc.) I inserted it in the rifle a few times, but...
  9. Basher

    SOLD Spyderco PM2 DLC (SOLD), Benchmade 710-1401 *FINAL $ DROP 11/19!*

    Selling a few of my folders. Both are used but in excellent condition. *SOLD!* First is the Spyderco ParaMilitary 2. This one is black/black in S30V. Scales are perfect, blade is centered, lock is smooth, black swings free, and the tip of the blade is pristine. It sports a factory edge...
  10. Basher

    Rimfire *SOLD!* 10/22 High Tower FDE RM25 mags

    Looking to sell five High Tower Armory RM25 mags in FDE. Four of these are new, and one is lightly used. These are some of the best standard capacity mags you can get for the 10/22! I’m looking for $150 shipped and insured for all five. No sale to locations with magazine restrictions, buyer is...
  11. Basher

    Accessories *SOLD!* AIAT Thumbhole conversion kit (FDE)

    Came across this while going through some stuff and I no longer have an AIAT. Looking to get $70 shipped Priority, no trades. Thanks!
  12. Basher

    Accessories *SOLD!* Hornady 5.56x45 TAP 55gr GMX Barrier (FTF in Chandler, AZ)

    Selling off some extra ammo, as I have more of this than (I hope, haha) I'll ever need. This is a high quality barrier blind load using Hornady's GMX gilding metal projectiles, loaded to 5.56 NATO (NOT .223Rem!) velocities. This load meets DocGRK's criteria for a recommended defensive ammo, and...
  13. Basher

    Accessories *SOLD!* Area 419 6.5mm/.30cal 2-port Hellfire brake.

    Selling an excellent condition Area 419 2P Hellfire brake in 6.5/.30 size with 5/8-24 threads. Includes the box and one adapter. I’m asking $125 shipped and insured. Any questions, let me know. Cross-posted, so the first “I’ll take it” posted in the thread, followed by a PM, gets first dibs. Thanks!
  14. Basher

    Optics *SOLD!* ARC 34/24 rings

    Selling a set of like new 34mm ARC rings in 24mm height. No box, but the rings are in fantastic condition. Looking for $150 shipped and insured. Cross-posted, so the first “I’ll take it” posted in the thread, followed by a PM, gets first dibs. Any questions, just ask!
  15. Basher

    Accessories *SOLD!* Alpha Type 2 (no spacer!) .308 AICS mag

    Selling an Alpha Type2 .308 AICS 10rnd mag (no spacer). It’s seen some use, but the feed lips appear unmodified and it fed great the few times I used it. These are great mags since they’re shorter than an AICS but still hold 10rnds. And with no spacer, you can load pretty long for the heavy ELR...
  16. Basher

    SOLD I.O.T.A. (Bushnell 50mm), Tenebraex SB5600-AR for S&B 56mm - *$ Drop!*

    *SOLD!* Selling an Indoor Optical Training Aid (or I.O.T.A.) that fits Bushnell 50mm optics such as the DMR, DMR2, XRS, and XRS2. This allows you to focus down to something like 15-20’ for indoor dry fire practice on reduced size targets. I’m asking $25 shipped. I also have a Tenebraex adapter...
  17. Basher

    Rimfire ***SOLD!*** WTS CZ 452 Lux .22LR

    Got another project in the works and need to free up some additional funds, so listing some more goodies. This one is a nice 2005 year CZ 452 Lux in .22LR. The Lux differs from the Trainer in that it has a nice Turkish Walnut stock as opposed to the typical Beech on the Trainer. Action is...
  18. Basher

    Optics *SOLD!* MPA 34mm 1.125” 0MOA mount

    After whittling down the safe, these are now too tall for my needs, so away they go! Like new, looking for $200 OBO (that was quick, one sold, one still available!), or trade towards a used set of Vortex 34mm Low (0.92”) rings in excellent condition plus cash. Cross posted, pics up shortly...
  19. Basher

    Rimfire *SOLD!* Kidd 2-stage 10/22 trigger

    Looking to sell the following 10/22 parts: -Kidd 2-stage trigger set at 12oz/12oz (total 1.5lbs) w/ straight black trigger The prior owner of the Kidd trigger said the return spring on the bolt stop somehow broke, so a new one will need to be installed. Not sure if Kidd sells that separate or...
  20. Basher

    Rimfire FOUND!

    Like the title says, let me know what you’ve got. Would also be interested in one of their bolt knobs too, if you had one to part with as well. Thanks!