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    Cant decide which ar10 platform

    Same here in the south. Hunters that shoot a ton will shoot at most a box or 2 a year, most shoot less than a box/year. None have ever heard of replacing a barrel. You get funny looks from them when you tell them that you had to replace a shot out barrel.
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    Cant decide which ar10 platform

    They are basically the same price. I built one out on JP website similar to what I ended up buying from GAP and they were within like $200 of each other.
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    Cant decide which ar10 platform

    GAP or JP. I went with GAP.
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    Reloading Equipment WTB: Berger 175gr 7mm Elite Hunters

    Looking for a couple of boxes, let me know if you have any.
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    Building 1st bolt gun

    I prefer detachable mags personally. AG has inlet's for Badger M5 and Hawkins M5, just pick which one and get the action inlet for it, both use the same magazine, AICS. You will just have to look around for the action. Put a WTB up in the PX, there are a lot of dealers on here that may have...
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    Building 1st bolt gun

    If your budget is $3k for rifle alone, I'd build and go for a Bighorn Origin. Bighorn Origin - $875 Proof Prefit - $830 TT Diamond - $300 AG Composite stock - $700 Bottom metal of choice - $2-300 Bedding - $200 That puts you just over your $3k budget, but you can save a few bucks over those...
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    Long range deer hunting scope advice please.

    I'd look at the Minox ZP5 5-25 too. The glass on it is incredible, would make a great dedicated long range hunting scope. Buying them used on PX you'll come in well within your price range. Glass is much better on it than anything else you'll find in the 22-2300ish range they go for used...
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    Reloading Equipment Gone

    I'll take it
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    Suppressors CZ Scorpion Suppressor

    Not at all, scorpions are a joy to shoot suppressed with normal baffle cans, don't get hardly any gas in your face. One of their best features. Watch some youtube videos of ppl shooting them suppressed. That is one complaint with the sig mpx, straight from the factory they are pretty gassy...
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    Suppressors CZ Scorpion Suppressor

    I vote wolfman also, I just ordered 2 for dedicated cans. One for a scorpion and one for sig rattler. Also I say run a 3 lug. Can won't back off as long as the mount is rocksett'ed to the barrel and 3 lug's are just cool as hell.
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    Suppressors Nomad TI vs Trash Panda

    6 one half dozen the other as far as performance, they are very similar cans. I would lean toward nomad ti. its more modular. you can keep using the plan b, and it'll come with a DT mount to throw on any 5/8x24 threaded rifle. Can change the end cap to a muzzle brake if you like. If in the...
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    Where to buy a Bighorn Action wrench?!

    I got one recently from @Front Range Precision . Any in stock?
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    Night Vision N-Vision HALO-XRF

    Same here, I have one preordered through CS tactical. ready for it to come in!