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  1. madangler1

    Suppressor question

    I own a Surefire Genesis 7.62, Surefire SOCOM 7.62 and I have an OSS 7.62 in jail right now. If I buy another bolt gun (6.5 Creedmoor), what would you buy? The Genesis is for my 7.62 Tikka, the SOCOM sits on my SCAR and the OSS is for a Polish AKM I will be building.
  2. madangler1

    Does this happen with Tikka CTR mags?

    Happened yesterday at the range. This mag probably only has 100-120 rounds through it. i can easily push the follower in and out.
  3. madangler1

    Best eyebox for a 4-16/3-18 scope?

    I have a Kahles 3.5-18x50. I like it, but I find the eyebox very sensitive at 12-18 magnification. What other scopes would you recommend that possess a large eyebox in that magnification range? This is on a bolt gun, so I do not need an ultra short. I picked the Kahles initially because I love...
  4. madangler1

    GRS Bifrost stock for Tikka T3x CTR Does anyone have experience with the GRS stock in a Tikka? I’m strongly considering one so I can use the factory CTR magazines. Thanks
  5. madangler1

    Rifle Scopes Kahles 3-18 vs 5-25

    I went to the NRA show last weekend and looked through many different scopes for my Tikka CTR T3x .308 build (it is going into a Manners stock). I looked at Vortex, S&B, Steiner, NF, etc. My favorite hands down were the new Kahles, and I’m kicking myself for not buying one last spring. I have a...
  6. madangler1

    Tikka T3x CTR issues with 168 grain .308 Prvi Match ammo

    Hi all, I finally got a chance to shoot my Tikka T3x CTR today at my local range. I used 5 rd and 10 rd mags with Federal 168 grain match and Black Hills 175 SMK. When I pulled out a box of Prvi Match 168 grain 308 rounds, I had a serious issue. I loaded 5 rounds in one magazine to start. As I...