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    Rifle Scopes New Weaver Mil-Mil at Academy

    Has anyone tried this one? I was thinking it might make for a decent scope on a 22. Academy - Weaver® Kaspa 3 - 12 x 44 Mil-Mil Riflescope
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    Rifle Scopes Weaver Kaspa Mil-Mil

    I was in an Academy Sports store the other day and saw a Weaver Kaspa 3-12x mil-mil scope for $250. I didn't know Weaver made an inexpensive Mil-Mil besides the 3-10x Grand Slam. It had a nice looking gen II type mil-dot reticle and was side focus. I thought it might work well on a 22 trainer...
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    Cold bore shot is usually high

    After shooting the short range tactical rimfire match a few times this week I noticed that the cold bore shot usually goes high by about an inch or so and then after a few rounds it settles in. I am shooting a Savage Mark II TR with CCI Subsonic ammo. How can I correct this problem? Bedding...
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    Rifle Scopes Fixed 10x reticle

    What is your favorite reticle in a fixed 10x scope? Do you find a mil-dot to be too coarse?
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    AR-10 vs LR-308 Barrels

    I have an AR-10 that does not shoot real well and am considering replacing the thin chrome lined barrel. What are my options? What is the difference between the LR-308 and AR-10 barrel? Some people say that the only difference is the gas system length and others say that they are not...
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    Rifle Scopes Elites on sale at Midway now

    FYI... It looks Midway has the Bushnell Elites on sale also now: Bushnell Elite Sale
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    Rifle Scopes BSA Mil-Mil FFP Review

    I recently bought a Savage Mark II TR and wanted to put a Mil-Mil FFP scope on it but didn't feel like spending alot of money so I decieded to give the BSA 4-14x 44mm Mil-Mil FFP from Midway a try. I was pleasantly surprised. The glass was pretty clear. On my rubber prairie dog target I...
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    Rifle Scopes WOTAC Scopes

    These WOTAC scopes have come up a couple of times latley. Which models are people getting and what are you putting them on? It sounds like quality is represenative of the price point. Where are they made? I suspect China, not that that is a bad thing. It seems like there are a couple...
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    Rifle Scopes Where are the Falcon Scopes made?

    Where are the faclon scopes made? They look just like the Chinese FM scopes. I can't imagine that they are coming out of different factories.
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    Rifle Scopes Nightforce Hi Speed at MidwayUSA

    It looks like Midway got a lot of the new NightForce Hi speed turret scopes in. It looks like they have 15 different scopes including an F1.
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    Rifle Scopes Leupold M5

    It looks like Midway has the new M5 scopes in. Has anybody reviewd these yet?