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  1. redirt78

    10.5" SS Noveske 300BLK build questions

    Going to build one as a pistol and use the Sig SB15 brace. Just got the barrel and have most of the other parts but I need to know if anyone out there knows a good starting point for a buffer/spring combo with the 300BLK 10.5" Noveske barrel setup as a pistol. Will it run on regular carbine...
  2. redirt78

    Help finding quality 6.5 CM barrel for AR

    Can anyone tell me who currently makes 6.5 CM barrels for AR's? I've looked for Noveske, White Oak, Criterion and Rainier. None of them offer it and some used to. I think JP has one, any others? If I am missing any of those or if anyone knows who makes a quality 6.5 Creeedmoor barrel let me...
  3. redirt78

    Manners EH1 with quick results in the field

    My EH1 with mini chassis came in today. I moved my barreled action from my T5 w/ chassis to the new stock and headed out to get a zero on it. Luckily my friend who owns the gun shop I manage is cool and told me to leave an hour early so I might have time to hit the woods after dialing it in. I...
  4. redirt78

    Suppressors DD Integrally suppressed 16" 300BLK AR @ SHOT2013

    Its in this video. This is the first time I have heard of it. [video:youtube][/video] Guess I didn't embed it right but the link should work.
  5. redirt78

    Photos Shoot something

    Went out last Sunday to test some holdovers on the G2 and this coyote showed up before I could get a target set out. He was trotting into a 3-5mph wind at 415 yards. I held the lead and used the 2 mil mark that I mapped with the free Strelok app as 412 yards. Dropped him. This was the first time...
  6. redirt78

    GAP-10 338 Federal

    Just saw this on a SWFA link in my bros FB. SBR 338 Federal GAP 10 SSHD 1-6x24 & Bobro mount XS Products 50rd drum SRT Shadow Suppressor Something like a Yeti. The Bobro with top side screws, the SS 1-6 and a GAP-10 in 338 Federal. Definitely didn't know such a beast existed.
  7. redirt78

    GoPro Gun mount from Strikemark with video

    Just saw this on my brothers Facebook links. Cool gun mount and target system. Just another reason to get a GoPro <object width="425" height="350"> <param name="movie" value=""></param> <param name="wmode"...
  8. redirt78

    Photos Dirt's Hide built 308

    It started life as a 26" Remington Varmint Tactical. It is now an 18" snub nose in a Manners T5 with mini chassis. The only thing about this rifle that is not from the Hide is the barreled action. The stock, rings, base, brake, stock pack, rear bag, mags, USO anti cant level, bipod and RAD...
  9. redirt78

    Hunting & Fishing Man Eating Croc-Graphic

    <span style="font-family: 'Arial Black'">MAN EATING CROC-GRAPHIC</span> <span style="color: #CC0000"><- LINK</span>
  10. redirt78

    Photos When Pigs Die

    Me and three friends hammered down on some pigs tonight. The big one is 250+ and took quite a few 556 and 308 Arrow rounds before he fell over, then one more 10mm to finish him. None of the shots made it all the way through him, was a tough joker. Can't say the same for the others, they got tore...
  11. redirt78

    Steel target with sound reactive center

    Just found this on Youtube and was wondering if anyone here has tried this! Can't get it to embed so copy and paste to Google. Pretty cool how center shots sound higher pitched. One of our vendors who cuts with a water jet...
  12. redirt78


    If anyone has pictures to add please post. This is what I have seen so far. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: bkster</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> this is 12 pwr...where i do most of my shooting at comps this is at 21 pwr </div></div> That's all...
  13. redirt78

    Movie Theater MUST SEE UFC-Diaz vs Cerrone-Full Vid

    If you like MMA or boxing or street fights you should watch this. Full 30 minute fight between two guys who do not like one another. This was my first chance to see it and they are two of my favorite fighters. Good stuff. DIAZ vs CERRONE <-- LINK They show some respect at the end but none...
  14. redirt78

    Range Report Quick 50 yard return to zero test-Larue QD SPR 1.5

    I just switched the upper receiver and hand guard on my 16" 5.56 and needed to do a quick re zero before heading to work. I shot a few times at 50yds to get a decent zero then shot twice at another target. Looked good so I decided to see how well the Larue QD would return to zero for me because...
  15. redirt78

    Hunting & Fishing Through scope hunting pics

    Didn't plan on taking pictures but got a few with my phone. Can see 600 + yds 380 yard does Young buck at 300 that came to scent check the does, maybe 110" and 3yrs old. He wouldn't stand still and I had the flash on, whoops. It figures since he was a buck and it would have been a cool...
  16. redirt78

    Range Report Manners T5/Mini chassis/Rem700 308-1st group

    Shot my first group with the new rig this afternoon. I know I can do better but I'm alright with this for today. Will update with better pictures when I find the cable to my camera but here are some decent phone pics. Manners T5 with mini chassis system. Factory Remington 24" barreled...
  17. redirt78

    Gunsmithing FEED RAMP WORK? AR15/308

    Found some threads on this but looking for recent feedback <span style="font-weight: bold">especially if you have a POF 308</span> What, if anything did you do/have done to yours? What are the pros, are there cons? My AR 5.56 (DTI barrel) mars and scars my bullets. I think it is the feed...
  18. redirt78


    Now at MidwayUSA, seemed like another good deal. Might be able to use one of the stickied discount codes for this too.
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    Saw it at MidwayUSA and figured I'd pass it on. Might save even more with one of the codes stickied in this section
  20. redirt78

    Accesory pieces for forearm rail on B&C A5 stock

    <span style="font-weight: bold">Mainly looking for a picatiny rail piece </span>that will mount like the sling stud it came with. It is for the metal <span style="font-weight: bold">rail under the forearm of the Bell & Carlson fully adjustable A5 stock</span>. Mine came with a sling stud that...