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    Optics ZCO 5-27 MPCT3 FS

    ZCO 5-27 MPCT3 with Tenebraex caps and ZCO rings of you choice for sale. The scope is at Ryan Pierce’s (Piercision Rifles) shop. Was changing rings and decided to try a Theta, so this scope is FS. Exactly 100 rounds fired using this scope. You can mail him or myself the funds. Then he will...
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    Reloading Equipment WTB Dillon Case Feeder

    Looking to buy a Dillon case feeder. PM me if you have one that’s available. Parker
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    Reloading Equipment CCI 450s/FGMM 168s/175 SMKs/300B0 Ammo for trade for Federal or CCI SRP

    I’ve got up to 5k CCI 450s to traded for non-magnum Federal or CCI Small Rifle primers All primers are same lot number. Will not sell. I’m looking for Small Match Rifle Primers or Small Rifle Primers. Also have 308 175 SMK bullets I can trade. Or FGMM 168s Or 300 Blackout loaded Ammo, 200...
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    Primer is very difficult to seat......why?

    I searched 'primer' and didn't see anything related to this. I just started reloading and am using a Hornady LNL progressive press (but am only loading 'single stage' style at the moment since I'm new). I'm putting CCI primers in once fired Winchester 308 brass. Resizing and taking out the...
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    Tikka 223 build done - spiral fluted with XLR Evo

    ZG Customs Tikka T3 223 w/ Kampfeld spiral barrel + bolt Just got the XLR Evolution in, which means the gun is finally done! Tony @ ZG Customs did all the work on the Tikka/barrel, other than the spiral fluting, which Karl @ Kampfeld Customs did. I told him to take the flutes all the way to...
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    Suppressors Anyone have experience with DTA's cans?

    Just wondering if anyone here has or has shot one of Desert Tactical Arms' cans. If you have, was it the steel or titanium? QD or threaded? And of course, what'd you think? Parker
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    '95 CFI Limited Edition AI 7.62x51 - any info?

    Found what appears to be a brand new, never fired '95 CFI limited edition AI rifle, with the Schmidt 3-12 and AWC thundertrap that I think they all came with. Anyone have any info on these? "IMPORTED BY GUNSITE PAULDEN AZ" is stamped in white on the top of the barrel. Do guns like this have...
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    Rifle Scopes IOR Terminator arrived/mini-review

    Got a 12-52x IOR Terminator yesterday. Opened the box at 7 last night and saw I was sent the wrong size rings. Fit wasn't even close. Looking for 40mm rings/bases locally at 7pm on a Friday leaves you with pretty slim pickings. So I did the only thing I could--went and bought $15 Chinese...
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    New Savage 12FV mag won't eject magazine

    Got a brand new Savage 12FV .223 NIB today. For the life of me, I can't get the mag to eject. I'm not missing any secret voodoo here, right? I've read the manual 5 times. I took the stock off and noticed things seemed *extremely* tight front to back around the mag. Have any other Savage...
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    Advanced Marksmanship Setting up movers...both DIY and pre-built

    Did a search. All I came up was a really complex and ingenious design from a grain elevator that I can't pull off because I don't own any spare grain elevators, and this: Any feedback on the above system, or others like it...
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    Building a shooting tower. Need some feedback

    I have a max distance of 375 yards from target (and big dirt backstop) to the tower. Ground is level for about 300 yards starting at the base of the tower, then drops 3-5 yards or so over the last 75 yards before it hits the backstop. See attached diagram. I was thinking of the building a 2...
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    Advanced Marksmanship Understanding mirage-how much will a 'tower' help?

    I'm trying to understand mirage and ways to mitigate it better. Specifically in regards to getting 'above' it. I tried searching but no luck. Please point me to the correct thread if there is one that addresses this specific issue. My question is this: How much does getting 6 ft or 12 ft...
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    Suppressors How to keep mirage cover from coming off 338 lapua

    I recently got a TBAC 338 suppressor for my DTA SRS. In 308 the mirage cover is fine, but under the heavy recoil of 338 lapua the TAB mirage cover keeps coming off. Putting the mirage cover on and not adding anything to make the fit tighter results in having to pull the mirage cover back...