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  1. 264win

    Reloading Equipment All SPF. Primers #250, 450, 210, 215

    All Primers SPF Continuing to clean out my reloading room In preparation for a possible move selling a few k primers 1k cci 250 mag. $140.00 1k cci 450 $140 1k Fed #210 $140 623 Fed #215 $100 shipping is $20 one box or all of them
  2. 264win

    Ammo 210 rounds 300 BLK $330

    Continuing to clear out gear in preparation for relocating... 210 rounds plus a few once fired, $ 330.00 shipping $20 Will Not separate selling the last of my 300 BO ammo it is a mix of sub and super sonic partial boxes are clearly marked with white tape showing the number of rounds reming...
  3. 264win

    Reloading Equipment Lapua 6.5 CM SRP box of 100 $110.00

    1 unopened box of Lapua 6.5 CM small rifle primer brass $110.00 shipping $ 10.00
  4. 264win

    Ammo Blazer brass 45 acp 300 pack $200.00

    Blazer brass 230g fmj 300 rounds $200.00 shipping is $25.00
  5. 264win

    Ammo Norma 223 $375 per 500

    Have 2 500 round cases of Norma tac 223 $375 ea shipping $25 ea.
  6. 264win

    Firearms Looking for quality 20 ga

    I am looking to pick up a quality used 20ga Benelli semi auto, Beretta O/U, possibly a BPS pump. More concerned with functionality than appearance, this will be used in the field. have cash and all sorts of trades
  7. 264win

    Optics Looking for NF 2.5-10 x42 or 32

    Decided I need to try one out on my 7-08. Must be Mil/Mil Have cash and all kinds of trade fodder, ammo ( 9mm,223,6.5cm,6.5 prc) powder, optics, glocks, HFB, etc.
  8. 264win

    Reloading Equipment 6mm 107 SMK. SPF

    Switching to 6.5mm this year and selling some of my 6mm bullets SPF. 275 - 107 SMK $135.00 plus $10.00 shipping. SPF
  9. 264win

    Reloading Equipment Bullet bonanza 375/30/7mm/6.5mm/6mm Berger, Sierra, Hornady

    Trying to consolidate my reloading supplies a bit. selling some of the extras. shipping is $10.00, one Box or all of them $10.00 shipping 100 H 212 eld x 30 cal $55.00 box of 6.5 bullets w/ moly free with any purchase 63 H. 154 interbond 7mm 80 H 139gr SST 7mm 87 H 162 bthp 7mm 71 175...
  10. 264win

    Optics SOLD. S&B 5-25 pm11 h2cmr. ccw $2275.00 SPF

    sold Downsizing a bit so my my backup optic is going on the block. Imho you can’t beat these scope for the $$ S&B 5-25 pm11 h2cmr ccw turrets. Glass is great, Body has a few light wear spots from field use. Scope is used but well cared for. $2275.00 scope only will more pics this evening
  11. 264win

    Off the beaten path near Vegas ?

    Going to be stuck in Vegas for a few days, thinking of renting a 4x4 and spending a day exploring. any suggestions on where to go ?
  12. 264win

    Air supply for PCP guns. Tank vs compressor

    Since there seems to be quite a few others who shoot pcp rifles, what do you use for air ? I have been using a hand pump for years, but have a new rifle coming with higher consumption and want to up my game. What are you guys running ?
  13. 264win

    Reloading Equipment RL 17 & V V n560 trade for h1000/ Retumbo

    Looking to trade for H1000 / Retumbo I have 5lb of rl17 3 lb of V V n560 Also have 9mm/ 223 ammo to trade
  14. 264win

    Accessories 338 win mag ammo

    40 rounds Federal Premium 225g Trophy Bonded Bear Claw 32 rounds Federal Classic 225g Sierra Pro-Hunter SP $110 shipped
  15. 264win

    Accessories Ammo 416 rigby

    SOLD Selling 3 full boxes of Federal Premium 416 Rigby ammo 400g Trophy Bonded. Ammo has been stored in a climate controlled room. $ 160.00 shipped. Sold
  16. 264win

    Accessories Elite iron revolution bipod $495.00 shipped. Sold

    I really like this bipod, just not shooting enough these days to justify keeping 2, so I am letting this one go. Its in good condition and everything works 100% as it should
  17. 264win

    Ruger 77/22 folding stock ?

    I am sure I saw some years ago, but can’t find one or even who made/makes them. And info would be appreciated.
  18. 264win

    Suppressors gemtec outback upgrade ?

    Has anyone done the outback upgrade through gemtec recently? I have heard very mixed info on their customer service recently and would like to be sure I won’t end up with a $500 paperweight.
  19. 264win

    Optics NF Atacr F1 5-25 Mil R $2150.00

    I am trying to downsize a bit and sold the AX that this was on. Scope has some normal wear on knobs and a small scratch in the paint on the bell end. Glass has a small scratch in the objective lens. I cannot see it when using the scope, and it is hard to make show in a photograph, but I am...