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  1. OG10

    Hunting & Fishing What's your favorite fish, fowl or game recipe ?

    Anyone care to share their favorite way to cook any of he above ?
  2. OG10

    Accessories “Gone”

    Title has most info, T-4 for Tikka T-3 set up for Tikka bottom metal. One front sling stud two side cups . Few use marks only cosmetic .Light tan will post pics later $500 shipped and insured.
  3. OG10

    Hunting & Fishing A little hydro therapy..

    Got out on the water and got into some reds 2 days of limits, 1 day of bull reds that still has my shoulder sore.We caught and released more bull reds in one area that it seemed like a TV show .The fishing is on along the Texas coast
  4. OG10

    Gunsmithing Looking for a magazine spring and a fallower for a 1970's Winchester model 70 long action.

    I have tried the usual places Brownells, Numrich, and Midwest even Winchester any other ideas.Asking for a friend...
  5. OG10

    Gunsmithing PSA:Benchmark Barrels now doing cut rifled barrels

    As the title states just got off the phone with Ron and he informed me they are doing cut rifling, right now they are available in 6mm,6.5mm,7mm and 50 cal.they will also do gain twist, and the barrels are cryogenic treated and heat relieved. the best news is the price is not much difference...
  6. OG10

    Hunting & Fishing Wyoming antelope advice

    I finally drew a nonresident antelope tag for Wyoming mine is for unit 7, my buddy drew in unit 1.I have been trying to get a tag since 2013 this year it finally happened for me, and my buddy got drawn on his first try.I am hoping some of the hide members who have hunted, or live in these units...