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  1. Thud

    Reloading Equipment WTB Hornady 6.5 cal 153gr. Al tipped bullets

    I'm looking for 200-300 bullets of the Al tipped 153 gr 6.5 from Hornady catalog # 2638. Let me know what you got. Thanks, Thud
  2. Thud

    Reloading Equipment Bunch of 22 bullets for sale.

    I have a bunch of 22 bullets for sale. All boxes are full except the 69ge sierra 1380 it has 96 bullets. The 90 gr bullets 1490 are the older 50 per box, and the 77 gr 1478 is a 50 piece box. Whole lot is 128.50 shipped insured. I won't split the lot. Thanks, Thud
  3. Thud

    Optics NightForce BR scope 12-42 with a NP 2dd reticle

    I have one of the cleanest BR scopes I have seen in a long time. 12-42 BR scope with box and box stuff. Metal end caps. Has 3 small scratches in barrel probably from a burr on one of the ring halves. see picture 2 by power ring Price shipped insured 1315.00. 1250.00 If need more info let me...
  4. Thud

    SOLD Bix n' Andy Trigger for Sale

    I have a 2 stage Tac Sport trigger for sale. Has safety right side, no bolt release. Pull weight 10oz-4.5 lbs Has 2 trigger shoes with it, curved and a straight. for a Remington style install. It has been installed Price shipped 255.00
  5. Thud

    Reloading Equipment WTB Lapua 6.5 Grendel Brass

    I am looking for 200 pieces of NEW UNFIRED 6.5 LAPUA Grendel brass. Need the same lot number and prefer in 2 sealed boxes. I only want LAPUA brass. Let me know what you have and cost. Thanks, Thud
  6. Thud

    Rifle Competition Events Received this Today from - Triple C Range

    This is Jeremy Moore, owner of Triple C Range. It is with a hurting heart, I must announce that Triple C Range is permanently closed. This is something that has happened over the last few days. Reason. We were engaged in a long term lease with the landlord for a portion of the property. For...
  7. Thud

    Accessories Sachtler Tripod Plate picture added

    I have a Sachtler Plate for a tripod. Comes with 8 extra mounting plates for varoius stull for your tripod. Also has a bubble level to keep you on the level. You can use this on any tripod with a 1/4-20 screw or bigger one. Attaches on the bottom I'll put that picture up later Price shipped...
  8. Thud

    Accessories Knives for sale

    I have a bunch of knives for sale I don't use. They need a new home. Buyer is responsible for understanding local Laws If need more info let me know. Thanks, Thud a. SPF Bench Mark Elishewitz Very rarely carried. No box, looks like it's never been sharpened. 125.00 shipped. b.Spuderco...
  9. Thud

    Reloading Equipment WTB Hornady 162 ELD match 7mm

    I'm Looking for 500 of Hornady 162 ELD match 7mm. Let me know. Thanks, Thud
  10. Thud

    Reloading Equipment Dies for sale

    I have a bunch of dies for sale. They are like new or never been used. Please add $5.00 to help with shipping per die. If need more info let me know. Thanks, Thud a.SPF Redding # 91231 $30.00 92231 $30.00 pair $50.00 78378 $145.00 SPF 38544 $175.00 b. Hornady 544243 $32.50 544245 $32.50...
  11. Thud

    Accessories 223 ammo for sale in the DFW area

    I have the following Black Hills ammo for sale. For sale in The DFW area. 50 pieces per box Don't want to ship. If have questions let me know. Thanks a. 3 full boxes one partial. Price 270.00 for these. b. 1 box of the 77gr. 3 full boxes of the 69 gr and one of partial of the 69 gr. price...
  12. Thud

    Reloading Equipment Hornady 270 win cases for sale

    I have 240 new Hornady 270 win cases. Price shipped 165.00 Let me know if more info is needed. Thanks, Thud
  13. Thud

    SOLD Selling Nosler 300RSAUM brass fully factor prepped

    I have 250 pieces of Nosler 300RSAUM brass fully factor prepped in the box Will sell in 50 piece amounts for 115.00 shipped If need more info let me know. Thanks, Thud
  14. Thud

    Reloading Equipment For Sale--100 pieces of Norma 338 norma mag brass primed.

    I have 100 pieces of Norma -338 norma mag brass primed. They are NOT FIRED. I have pulled the bullets and dumped the powder out of each case. They will need to be neck sized before loading. Price shipped 265.00 Let me know. Thanks, Thud
  15. Thud

    Reloading Equipment 30 cal. and 22 cal bullets for sale

    All 80 grain bullets sold What ever has a price is still for sale. Will take new picture later. I have a bunch of bullets for sale. Both 30 cal. and 22 cal. Postage is a killer today. Get a few of you friends to split the with you if so inclined. Will reduce cost 30 cal 125gr. 72...
  16. Thud

    Reloading Equipment 708 brass for sale

    Prvi Partizan head stamp 708 99 pcs. 55.00 shipped. If need more info let me know. Thanks, Thud
  17. Thud

    Reloading Equipment 7STW once fired brass

    I have 124 pieces of 7STW brass for sale. Remington headstamp. 100.00 shipped. If need more info let me know. Thanks, Thud
  18. Thud

    Optics WTB Leupold Mark 4 3.5-10x40

    I want to buy a Leupold Mark 4 3.5-10x40 Mil dot, 2nd focal plane, non illuminated. M1 Knobs. let me know what you have. Thanks, Thud
  19. Thud

    Reloading Equipment Got a bunch of powder for sale in the DFW area

    a. 4 jugs of IMR 4831 there are 2 lot numbers. I combined 2 jugs of each lot to save space. weight is over 1 lb. each. except the 4831sc thats a partial. Price for all 125.00 NO SHIPPING DFW ftf b. SPF a combined jug of 7828ssc same lot # 150.00 ftf in the DFW area Partial jug of Ramshot Tac...
  20. Thud

    Accessories McMillian A2 for sale

    I have a like new A2 for sale Forest Camo Gen 3 Saddle c/p Setup for badger bottom metal. Long Action Remington style clone inletted, NOT bedded has factory install pillars. Price shipped insured 665.00 If need more info let me know. Thanks, Thud