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    Government malfeasance in suppressing Covid-19 treatments

    1. If you get the Covid, CDC says just stay home and don't get any treatment. But if you can't breathe and think you are going to die, go to the hospital where they will malpractice you: 2. NIH also says there...
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    Who is ditching their AR pistol with Brace in light of the ATF Brace-banning rumors?

    There are rumors floating around that ATF has decided internally to reverse course on braces. This may come in 2 phases (if it occurs at all): (a) All braces not specifically approved are disapproved, and the guns on which they are mounted are SBR and must be registered under the 1934 Act, and...
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    I spent 2.5 hrs in a meeting with someone who tested positive for covid.

    She tested positive the morning after the meeting. She felt like crap and went to her doc and the rapid antigen test returned POSITIVE. That evening, about 30 hours after the meeting, I felt like crap. I heavy dosed on Vit D3, Zinc, Selenium and Quercetin. 14 hours later I felt good enough...
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    Have you ever met a KKK member?

    I was recently flabbergasted when FBI director Chris Wray said that the biggest threat to the United States was white supremacy. Not BLM riots. Not China. Not even fictional Russian meddling. White supremacy. So who are these white supremacists? I have not ever met any. I have never met a...
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    It looks like the Wuhan Coronavirus hit China in August, 2019 (contrary to prior assertions by the Communist Party) Also, in a separate article, cell phone data shows that the Wuhan Institute of Virology had NO CELL PHONE SIGNALS AT ALL for a week in October, 2019, indicating that the virus had been traced back to the lab and...
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    If you have a POS relative, this will be a delight to read.
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    Is Trump a spy?
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    Homeowner kills 2 burglars with AK47. No charges. Two men were shot and killed while trying to burglarize a home in the Colonial Acres neighborhood. The homeowner, who asked not to be identified for his safety, said when he arrived home, the men were...
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    DIA man sold secrets to China Between 2013 and 2017, investigators allege Hansen regularly traveled between the United States and China attending military and intelligence conferences, and then provided "the information he learned...
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    Cop story

    Jury gives 4 cents to family of black man killed by Florida cop But the jury found that Hill (the perp), who had been drinking at the time, was 99 percent at fault for his own death.
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    Another reason why liberal RINO Mitt Romney sucks.

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    Government unions are probably going out of business.

    And that is a good thing. I never understood why government employees thought they needed a union. They get every fringe benefit known to mankind, earn above market wages, and retire...
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    Homo dick licker Trey Gowdy says FBI was right to spy on Trump campaign.

    I am getting sick of him taking the Dem's side. He gave Hillary a pass on Benghazi. He let Rosenstein skate. Good riddance.
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    New law: Kansas cops can't have sex during traffic stops "Gov. Jeff Colyer signs a law banning police from having sex with people they stop for traffic violations or investigate in criminal cases. "
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    Even Frank Burns deserves a modicum of courtesy.

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    Comey, Mueller and McCabe (and Weissman) ought to be hung by the neck until dead.

    I am quite tired of the use of law enforcement to achieve political goals.
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    Parents should show a little gratitude for the sacrifices made by teachers. Arizona Teacher Who Allegedly Performed Oral Sex on Student in Classroom Called ‘Monster’ by Boy’s Parents
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    Wasup with football players committing violent crime?

    Raped 7 women (allegedly). Armed robbery (allegedly). Aggravated assault (allegedly)...
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    Yep. Andrew McCabe Is Just The Sort Of Crapweasel You Always Imagined He Was AND THIS:
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    That vindictive bitch Andrew McCabe and why he targeted General Flynn for personal revenge