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    Firearms WTS: Savage MSR 10 6.5Cr

    Would you consider selling the brass and the ELD-M's separately? I know someone in need.

    SOLD 30 cal 168 gr. Eld-m bullets

    I'll take these. Do you accept paypal?

    Accessories WTS/WTT: Spuhr SR-4000 34mm rings

    I'm watching this thread. Kinda broke after paying taxes but I want these. If you haven't sold them by next week I will probably grab them.

    Hoplite Arms

    Stop being a lefty :)

    Accessories Leofoto Tripods and accessories

    Let me get home to figure out exactly which Gitzo systematic tripod I have, to make sure it fits first. I'll let you know. Thanks.

    Accessories Leofoto Tripods and accessories

    I'm not able to add the leveling base to my cart. Is it sold out?

    KRG Whiskey 3 Chassis-Let's See Them

    No worries, I got it figured out finally. I was going through my files, and saw that I had captured video of the problem, and at the time, I was blaming the poor AICS mags. Still got some good hits though but this would be extremely frustrating for someone in a competition.

    KRG Whiskey 3 Chassis-Let's See Them

    That's fucking sick


    Is this with the dovetail mount or PIC mount?
  10. LANCER

    Reloading Equipment WTS AMP Annealer & A&D Fx-120i w Autotrickler

    Awesome deals here. Fantastic equipment and great pricing. I have both already otherwise I would have bought.
  11. LANCER

    Accessories Modlite ModButton Lite

    I'll take it. Send me your paypal infor. Thanks
  12. LANCER

    Reloading Equipment WTT 1500+ Once fired LC 5.56 brass for 6.5, .308, or .224 bullets.

    If willing to sell the brass, how much for the whole lot? It's all LC? Thanks
  13. LANCER

    Firearms Nice rifle for cash or a car

    Super nice. Wish I had the money..... Who makes that can? Is it reflex? GLWS
  14. LANCER

    The "New" Barrett MRAD Thread!!!!!!

    Make sure to remove the barrel from the upper and clamp in a vise before trying to unscrew a brake. I made that mistake leaving the barrel in the extension and the torque on the brake was higher than the torque on the barrel extension, causing me to loosen the extension, which messed up my...
  15. LANCER

    The "New" Barrett MRAD Thread!!!!!!

    Whenever I single-feed, I just drop it on top of the follower and ram it home. It ramps up fine without the need to coax it into the chamber. The geometry allows for it. I also load my mag from the ejection port sometimes while in the prone, since it's a DSDF magazine it's easy to just push...
  16. LANCER

    WTB 338 Projectiles

    I'm in Houston, TX
  17. LANCER

    Optics SOLD: Brand new tangent theta 5-25 gen3xr

    Jesus I wish I had the money. Dream scope. This will be gone in 5 minutes for sure.
  18. LANCER

    WTB 338 Projectiles

    Looking to buy 338 projectiles: 285 ELD-M - Preferred 250 Berger Hybrids 250 Scenar or Lockbase Been shooting 300's, but want to move down to 250 grain class as they are a bit more optimized for the caliber. Let me know what you have at non-scalper prices. Thank you.