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  1. Hobo Hilton

    SCOTUS: Green Cards Cannot Be Granted To Those Here Illegally

    The message has been sent...... We will see how the Dark side reacts
  2. Hobo Hilton

    Gas for Guns

    Comments ?
  3. Hobo Hilton

    Gold Reserves to be audited

    Washington, DC (May 26, 2021) – America’s gold reserves would be audited for the first time in more than 60 years if a measure introduced yesterday by U.S. Representative Alex Mooney (R-WV) becomes law. Curious as to who is going to do the count ? Who will be the observers. Many conspiracy...
  4. Hobo Hilton

    They are not hiding the "Over Reach"

    Raising concerns about "environmental justice," five Democratic attorneys general for New York, the District of Columbia and three other states in the Northeast said they want the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to conduct a more thorough review before permitting a $9.4 billion Formosa Plastics...
  5. Hobo Hilton

    Idaho Governor's Race

    Ammon Bundy enters Idaho governor race
  6. Hobo Hilton

    Suggestions - Brass Catcher

    Some conditions are changing.... I am adapting. Need to catch the spent brass on an AR... Nothing bulky or that can hang up on a barbed wire fence. Suggestions ?
  7. Hobo Hilton

    Texas Sen. Ted Cruz

    Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has become alarmed as the US Army has adopted a more woke and less tough image. So he retweeted a TikTok video someone had posted at Twitter, which compares a recent Army recruitment ad with another from Russia. He commented: “Holy crap. Perhaps a woke, emasculated military...
  8. Hobo Hilton

    Gender Reveal....... ?

    Maybe I am just Old School. I never had a desire to know if my unborn child was a boy or a girl. It was not like I could send them back. Gender reveal explosion: Father-to-be charged after New Hampshire blast...
  9. Hobo Hilton

    Kudos to

    Received an item from that needed to be exchanged. Within minutes of the UPS guy delivering it, I found it was not working properly. Called eurooptic and communicated with their customer service person. Not a problem to return and trade out for another unit that was on his shelf...
  10. Hobo Hilton

    No more FLIR

    Purchased a FLIR product. Tried it for two nights. Returned it to FLIR immediately. Somehow it got lost in their receiving department. Eventually it was found. I asked for a refund. Here is their reply: We are working this issue for you. I attached the proof of purchase to your request. Since...
  11. Hobo Hilton

    Colonial Pipeline Hack....

    One more opportunity for Government over reach.... The Transportation Department said on Tuesday it was evaluating whether a temporary waiver of the Jones Act is needed to ensure gasoline supply after the ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline...
  12. Hobo Hilton


    Time has come to start paying much closer attention to the "Farmers" and what they are saying.
  13. Hobo Hilton

    A Good Haul

    U.S. 5th Fleet seizes weapons shipment from stateless dhow in Arabian Sea
  14. Hobo Hilton

    The Supply Chain.....

    Lots of focus on the weakening and sometimes breaking of the supply chain. The food supply is starting to gain attention. An example:
  15. Hobo Hilton

    Capt Alice Strawbridge,

    Mali: The world's 'most dangerous peacekeeping mission'
  16. Hobo Hilton

    Defendable ?

    If the water, power, sewer, natural gas (services) were shut off to your abode.... How long could stay there?
  17. Hobo Hilton

    More from the Southern District of Texas

    The FBI has the authority right now to access privately owned computers without their owners’ knowledge or consent, and to delete software. It’s part of a government effort to contain the continuing attacks on corporate networks running Microsoft Exchange software, and it’s an unprecedented...
  18. Hobo Hilton

    Dogs in the AO

    Been out recently, at night, getting the feel of my AO. Question: How do you handle "dogs" while moving about in a somewhat stealth mode? Sort of a general question. Conditions now do not warrant eliminating an neighbor's dog. suggestions? Hobo
  19. Hobo Hilton

    Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell

    Gas Lighting for a Thursday morning: Fed’s Powell says ‘we’re all going to be at risk’ until the world is vaccinated In his discussion about the U.S. economy, Powell maintained a dovish tone. Appears that our Fed Chairman, like many other experts, has shifted the focus back to the virus /...
  20. Hobo Hilton

    First Woman Billionaire

    When Kim Kardashian West was first mentioned in the pages of Forbes in 2011, it was simply a tally of her Twitter followers: 6.6 million, just below Barack Obama and just above Ashton Kutcher. Five years later, she graced the cover of Forbes thanks to her booming mobile game, which helped her...