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  1. pmclaine

    Anyone have a set of Leupold 10x50 Tacticals?

    Discontinued and for some reason I want to try a set.... Anyone have them collecting dust and want to move them on?
  2. pmclaine

    Iwo Jima MOH Marine still has it
  3. pmclaine

    Barrel Lining a Vintage Rifle in the Day....

    @Frank Green Cant you just spin one of these up? Been digging this guys videos as he presents info on the USS New Jersey.
  4. pmclaine

    General Livingston, CMOH, This is cool

    This is cool. General Livingston, CMOH, recently signed a letter of complaint regards the direction of the USA. When I saw the Shipley video titled "Retired Navy SEAL Don Shipley BIG TROUBLE with Medal of Honor Recipient US Marine General Livingston" I was worried there was some stolen...
  5. pmclaine

    Sidearms & Scatterguns This turd may not be Marine proof

    What am I missing? Took the slide off my new to me M18 to lube it up. Pull slide back Rotate take down lever Let slide ride forward to remove Push recoil spring assembly forward to remove Remove barrel Oil Reverse assembly. Now I have this....
  6. pmclaine

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Safariland is the Henry Ford of Holster Makers

    I was up at Sig Sauer last week and before going I knew I was going to ask one question and hope "No" was the answer. I wanted to buy one of the M18 Commemoratives that "replicates" the trials pistol chosen by USMC as the Beretta replacement. Its a dumb Marine fetish I have......I wish there...
  7. pmclaine

    Training Courses Gonna be a Great Day

    One of my favorite parts of Massachusetts, an odd section of Texas ranch land in Newburyport, right along Interstate 95... Too much sunlight so I added some exposure.... Whoever owns the land they have a herd of Black Angus out there. When I drive buy I dream of shooting steel the area is...
  8. pmclaine

    Man Who Would be King

    On TBS right now......a tale of Afghanistan in the future. One of my favorite movies.
  9. pmclaine

    Photos Breakfast, Powder House, Prospect Hill and Fort Washington

    Some more city Revolution......First Breakfast... My son finally got out of bed early enough to accompany and was rewarded with pancakes...
  10. pmclaine

    Night Vision Whats up with this?

    New NV Army is developing.....
  11. pmclaine

    Accessories WTB - Remigton 870, 18.5 inch Smooth Bore Slug Barrel with rifle sights

    Looking for an 18.5 " Remington factory 870 Barrel, Smooth bore with rifle sights. Anyone have one available?
  12. pmclaine

    Vintage movie

    Turner Classic Movies. Wednesday Night 8pm Errol Flynn, Spencer Tracy Test Pilot Looks like some cool in flight movies of the first version B-17, 1938 time frame......
  13. pmclaine

    Sgt York just starting TCM

    Watch some vintage WWI heroes 8pm 4/24/2021 Turner Classic Movies
  14. pmclaine

    Do I need a shotgun?

    Specifically this shotgun.... It would lead to me getting it parkerized, adding an extension, probably a light, maybe a barrel shroud with ghost ring sites and than very seldom doing anything with it.
  15. pmclaine

    Photos Driving to Florida to shoot steel

    From Boston should take 3 hours. Need some breakfast...must be a Christian breakfast. Father, Son and Holy Ghost eggs with bacon... And the Coffee is dripping
  16. pmclaine

    Photos Parkers Revenge to Ebenezer Fiske House

    A lot of shit happened in this area so there are a lot of pictures...I couldnt make it through the woods from Parkers Revenge as the colonists did....too many residences and "No Tresspassing" signs. I cut back down to the road and came into the back yard of the Whittemore House @gayguns any...
  17. pmclaine

    Photos Hartwell Tavern to Parker's Revenge

    Had a mission today to find if the grave of the Brit killed at Captain William Smiths House was marked. His body was uncovered in some late 1800s road work and he was supposed to have been reburied at Folly Pond.... Starting pretty much at Hartwell Tavern.... Just to the east is the Samuel...
  18. pmclaine

    Hate to see this happen to an old War Bird

    Great job avoiding the swimmers and a shitty job by the swimmers getting out of his way........
  19. pmclaine

    Photos Menotomy East

    This would be the area of the April 19,1775 battles from about the Lexington line at Menotomy/West Cambridge (now Arlington) to the east. When the British came through early in the morning everyone was asleep. By mid afternoon Minuteman Companies had met in arlington to pound on the retreating...
  20. pmclaine

    Vintage oil

    1911s are going to get some precious oil......