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  1. OzzyO20

    Accessories Magnetospeed V3 Price Drop 9/20

    Full V3 kit that works flawlessly. Buddy has a lab Radar and this has been used literally 2 times all of 2020. So I figured it’s time to go to more useful hands $315 shipped of which I’m sure shipping will be a fuzz over $15. MicroSD and reader included.
  2. OzzyO20

    Reloading Equipment David Tubb 6XC Seating Die

    I have the set of David Tubb dies for 6XC. One is a Redding Comp. micrometer seating die that be modified the stem off for better seating engagement. The other is his own design FL sizing die with all 3 pieces (.266, .268, and 30* shoulder comparator). Honestly, the FL Tubb die is one of the...
  3. OzzyO20

    Firearms WTB: Cadex Defense Guardian Tac OD Green

    I'm sure this is along shot, but I'm looking for a Cadex Guradian Tac in OD Green chambered in 6.5 CM. Thanks eveyone.
  4. OzzyO20

    Optics WTB: NF 2.5-10x24 mil/mil

    Looking for a mil version of the 2.5-10x24 NXS for a recce build. NF rings would be a huge plus. Don’t care if it’s painted and well loved. If it’s 100% functional I’m happy. Thanks
  5. OzzyO20

    Accessories Gradous 6XC for AI AT/AX $400 TYD with BRASS

    Selling my 26” Kreiger M24 1:7 barrel cut by Robert Gradous for an AI small shank receiver (AT or AX). Also had a Thunderbeast Arms Mount/brake on it. I have the blended cap as well. I’m also including 100 pieces of 1x fired Norma brass. Shoots 105’s lights out with a mild charge. Round count...
  6. OzzyO20

    SOLD SOLD SOLD AnD FX-120i Auto Throw/Trickle all Area 419 SOLD SOLD SOLD

    Hey guys, I have the V2 with every add on 419 makes (accepts the newest tricker hopper) including the upgraded spacer in the throw to keep splash down. I’m selling it for $1,100 shipped or $1,000 FTF in Kentucky. This is the single best time saving piece I ever bought for reloading, and all the...
  7. OzzyO20

    Reloading Equipment Bench-Source Annelaer and Heads

    Bench-Source annealer with the correct torch heads ready to roll, just add gas. Will also include a bottle of Tempilaque. Works great, but I’m not seeing any free time to use it for a long while. $500 shipped, $475 FTF in Kentucky. No trades. Thank you!
  8. OzzyO20

    Firearms SOLD

    I’m taking some time off for a host of reasons, mainly a upcoming move and new position that will consume a lot of my free time. I decided rather than lug it around, I’m going to sell my AI AT. IT IS A FOLDER. Forget that in the title. Definitely one of my favorite rifles ever. And from what I...
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    Selling my RAL 8000 pm II with h59, sp-4006, Tenebreax covers, switch throw lever, and 3D printed data card holder. Probably my favorite scope ever, but I’m stepping out of LR for a while with a new position I’ve taken. Virtually no free time and a relocation. I had the MTC removed, and it was...
  10. OzzyO20

    500 Berger 105 Hybrids

    Unopened box of 500 Berger 105 Hybrids. $160 TYD
  11. OzzyO20


    I have approx 400 (I counted them, but I can’t promise I didn’t get confused a time or two lol) Sierra 110 SMK’s and about 90 Sierra SMK 107’s. $125 shipped to your door. Unfortunately for my wallet, Berger 105’s are consistently the best shooting bullet in my barrel.
  12. OzzyO20

    WTT: 115DTAC and/or 110 SMK for Berget 105 Hybrid

    Just curious if anyone would want to trade 50 115 DTACs and/or 110 SMK's for some Berger 105 Hybrids. I've mostly shot heavy stuff in my 6XC, but want to try some 105's for the heck of it. If you want to trade some, let me know. I an do 50 of each, or a mixture of the two. Thanks.
  13. OzzyO20

    QuickLoad questions

    I have seen 'QL' referenced around various places on the hide, and finally figured out it was an acronym for QuickLoad. This seems like pretty hand software, but the links I found lead me to A) a place that said you cannot download it in the United States and B) a website that I wouldn't...
  14. OzzyO20

    Gradous AI AT/AX 6XC Barrel *Price Drop*

    26” M24 Kreiger 1:7 barrel chambered in 6XC by Robert Gradous. A perfect storm of extra work, injury, and house remodel has basically killed all my free time for the foreseeable future. The few chances I’ll get the rest if the year, I’ll just run my factory 6.5 barrel and factory ammo. Barrel...
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  16. OzzyO20

    Gunsmithing Stupid Question Alert: Can I slide a reamer in a chamber?

    I know the tolerances are extremely tight, and this might not even be closer to possible. I think my chamber was cut with the wrong reamer (too little free bore is my guess) and I'm wanting to purchase the correct reamer anyhow. It'll be a good while before this barrel is shot out, but I was...
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  18. OzzyO20

    Mega Arms Forged Set

    Mega Arms was probably easily one of the highest quality receiver sets you could get, and I was sad to see them sell to Zev. So this is a somewhat rare set. Forged lower and upper, milspec LPK, Geissele SSA-E, Geissele maritime bolt catch, Seekins mag button, Magpul enhanced aluminum trigger...
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  20. OzzyO20

    Primer Pocket Uniforming

    I never had an issue with the Lapua brass I use in my 6.5 CM, but the Norma brass for my 6XC seems to be a little erratic when it comes to primer pockets. I bought a case prep center off a buddy, and it came with a LRP uniform cutter and a flash hole deburring tool, so I already have the tools...