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  1. pineoak

    easiest/cheapest way to mount a scope to tripod/arca?

    If you wanted to use an extra rifle scope as a spotting scope on an arca plate/Anvil head... what would you use? I have a scope in a NF unimount I'd like to try as a spotting scope on an Anvil head. Any cheap/easy way to do this? Not sure it'll be better than just mounting a rifle but not all...
  2. pineoak

    Importance of glass at different magnifications

    Curious as to the thoughts of others. Is glass more important on lower variable mag scope or higher? Gen 2 Vortex 1-6x glass is clear enough happy I can be behind it easily and see clearly. My old PST gen1 1-4... was terrible to me. I'd get teary and my eyeball would ache in very short order...
  3. pineoak

    Who makes the affordable plastic "tactical tables"?

    I've seen at least one plastic "tactical table" that replaces the head of your tripod. it provides a flat surface for your game changer or other bag and you just drop your rifle on top. Anyone know the specific brands for them? Thanks
  4. pineoak

    How do you use your support hand on barricades?

    When shooting off barricades, what do you do with your support hand? when I used to have a full length hand guard I used that with my hand partially on the edge of the barricade or bag the hand guard was on. when I shoot my Bravo chassis without a guard, I pull down on the front of my scope...
  5. pineoak

    Best way to move lots of guns?

    If you had say 3 safes full of guns and NFA items... and were moving more than a few hours away and needed to move those guns to a new residence... How do you ship/transfer/transport them? If possible, makes sense to drive them yourself multiple trips, but if the distance was prohibitive of...
  6. pineoak

    Anyone here from Columbia/Charleston SC?

    Would appreciate any thoughts or opinions on living/working/commuting/shooting/raising kids in those areas. Feel free to PM as well if you'd rather not post on a public forum. Thanks all!
  7. pineoak

    Best sub $500 scope glass - tracking is irrelevant

    Looking for a $100-500 rifle scope for a specific set distance (either 200 or 300 yards) as this scope will only be used for that distance. The scope doesn't need to track accurately. Just want the best glass for the $ What say you?
  8. pineoak

    Mile high AI barrels

    Anyone have any opinions or experience with the short action AX/AT barrels spun up by Mile high for AI? $600-900 Bartlein & Proof options Thanks
  9. pineoak

    Is the Razor G2 the best value in "MID" tier optics right now?

    I've been told that they're $1700 or so street price now. Are there any comparable scopes in this price range? I have one from years ago but I paid over $2k for it. Is the NX8 4-32 a better scope for the same price?
  10. pineoak

    SOLD AI AT/AX barrel in .308 super cheap - high round count / shot out barrels

    I have what I need for distance/precision. Not looking for $$$ or low round count barrels. Looking for a .308 AI AT/AX barrel (preferably 20") that has a high round count or is almost shot out for super cheap want a barrel I can run fast/hot for close range positional shooting and when...
  11. pineoak

    SOLD AT/AX barrel used .308

    Looking for a low priced used .308 barrel Would appreciate an honest round count. Please share any you might have to offer. Thank you
  12. pineoak

    Plastic practice rounds

    Has anyone ever used the plastic practice rounds? they are accurate out to roughly 150 yards Super lightweight, fairly cheap wondering if the plastic leaves anything in the barrel or otherwise damages anything
  13. pineoak

    GA Precision PPR vs Accuracy International AT-X

    GA Precision PPR $2500 Accuracy International AT-X $5000 Which would you choose and why? Want to hear all opinions. Please don't disparage other people's opinions.
  14. pineoak

    Accessories withdrawn

    sale withdrawn BT72 - 2-SCREW MOUNT $320 shipped BNIB 2 available get 2/both for $620 (shipped together to one address) Picked up 2 SCAL on the blind pre order but they are too big for my drag bags attached. Awesome bipod, but I'm not getting new bags.
  15. pineoak

    SOLD 30mm Vortex PMR/Seekins made rings

    $95 shipped PP+3.5% or FF like new, used for one very short range trip mounted and brought to range once sold the scope because it wasn’t up to snuff, so rings for sale
  16. pineoak

    Vortex Razor Gen 2 (MRAD) EBR-2C $1825 shipped

    Vortex Razor Gen 2 EBR-2C $1825 shipped MRAD $1825 shipped USPS MO; PP + 4% or F&F; no personal checks Excellent condition Vortex Defender scope caps included (bubble level and cat tail not included) Original owner, have factory box 1.5" high Nightforce Magmount scope mount (3 bolts)...
  17. pineoak

    SOLD. $40 shipped Tikka T3x factory stock w NO bottom metal- no magazine

    SOLD TO PULLIT $40 shipped Tikka T3x factory stock w/ NO bottom metal- no magazine, right hand 1" stainless knurled round bolt installed- works as a barricade stop
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    SOLD --------- $249 shipped PP+3% Like New SWFA 10x mounted & brought to the range once / never fired Stellar glass for the price, but lack of magnification choice doesn't work for me. Like New, mounted in a Spuhr mount for less than 2 hrs, never fired. -mil-quad reticle -rear parallax ring...
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