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  1. lance2121

    Accessories WTB: Hawk Hill atlas spike feet

    Looking for a set of the Hawk Hill Atlas bipod spiked feet.
  2. lance2121

    Reloading Equipment WTB: .265 bushing

    Looking to buy a .265 bushing. Steel or Ti. Redding or Wilson only.
  3. lance2121

    Optics Keeping Vortex Vulture 15x56 binos

    15x56 vortex vulture binos. Good shape, no lens scratches. Used them for spotting at matches. $300 shipped.
  4. lance2121

    Optics Keeping: Sig kilo 2200 lrf w/ sig mount

    Bnib Sig kilo 2200 laser rangefinder. Been outside to my range 2-3 times. Sig mount for tripod with arca rail adapter. $325 shipped.
  5. lance2121

    Optics WTB: NF 4-16×42

    Looking for a Nightforce atacr 4-16×42, preferably in mils. No tremor reticle unless it's too good money wise to pass up. Will look at all though.
  6. lance2121

    Optics SOLD Razor 27x gen2 ebr2c mil

    Vortex razor gen2 4.5-27x56. Ebr2c mil reticle. Few little dings pictured. Comes with leupold mk4 rings. In original box. Glass in perfect condition. $1725 shipped to lower 48.
  7. lance2121

    Accessories WTS:Kestrel 5700 elite

    Kestrel 5700 elite. Applied ballistics. NON LINK. Bought last week. Never been out of the house. Olive green in color. $575 shipped.
  8. lance2121

    Accessories FS: Kestrel 4500nv

    Kestrel 4500 nv w/ Applied Ballistics. Works like new. Absolutely nothing wrong just wanna upgrade. Comes w/ belt pouch. $300 firm.
  9. lance2121

    Reloading Equipment WTB: .224 95 SMK

    Looking for 22 caliber 95 gr smk. #500 box.
  10. lance2121

    Reloading Equipment WTB: Rcbs swage die

    Looking to buy a rcbs swaging die. Used is fine. Thanks!
  11. lance2121

    Reloading Equipment WTB:ADG 7 saum brass

    Looking for at least 150 pcs. Prefer new but once fired maybe. Price gougers no need to reply.
  12. lance2121

    Optics WTB: Hawkins rings

    Looking for a set of low 34mm Hawkins light rings. With the level on top. Pic rail style.
  13. lance2121

    Reloading Equipment Found: 223 shellholder

    Looking for a 223 shellholder. Rcbs..Redding...whatever will fit my press.
  14. lance2121

    Optics Traded gone Manners t2a for scope

    Manners long action t2a. Apa bottom metal. Hvy palma contour barrel channel. Forend pic rail. 2 aics 300 win mag magazine's. Bedded for Stiller tac 300. Trade for Bushnell hdmr gen 2 h59 reticle. Try me on some other scopes. Prefer mil.
  15. lance2121

    Accessories GONE :Manners t2a la $700

    Manners t2a long action. Apa bottom metal. Forend pic rail. Bedded for stiller tac 300 action. 2 aics 300 win mag magazine's included. Hvy palma contour barrel channel. $850 shipped.
  16. lance2121

    Firearms FS: Stiller Tac 300 action.

    Stiller Tac 300 action. Mag bolt face. 20 moa rail. Pinned recoil lug. Around 1000 rds through it. Also included is a rifle basix trigger...don't know which model. Pretty good trigger. Also have a Manners t2a stock that's bedded for this action. Not certain but I think it's a Apa bottom metal...
  17. lance2121

    Firearms WTB: Carbon barrelled short/med action magnum

    Looking for a carbon barrelled short or med action preferably in a magnum cartridge. Might look at a 25 cm or 25x47 also.
  18. lance2121

    Reloading Equipment SOLD: Redding 300 wm type s die/seater

    Redding type s die with bushing. Redding micrometer seater die. Used. Works great. $110 shipped.
  19. lance2121

    Reloading Equipment FS: Redding type s 300 wm dies

    Type s die set. 300 win mag. Includes .334 bushing. $125 shipped.