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    Army M24 Build Thread

    it's very appreciated! Thanks, always had an interest in the M24's and USR in particular.
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    Army M24 Build Thread

    Thank you for your input as always, Did you have any involvement in the USR?
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    Leopold ts30 a2 mkiv 2.5-8×36

    They are popular scope with SPR clone rifle builders. It’s a very safe buy with great resale value. Personally I really like the scope too. A lot will turn their nose up at MOA/Mil but it’s plenty workable
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    Accuracy International Picture Thread

    Looks like the Cadex rail
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    Parker Hale M82 Clone

    I’ll PM links, turned out to be too big for email
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    FR8 Bolt

    If you will ever sell it, leave it as is however if you are going to keep it do as you like. I had an FR8 that had the bolt bent and it was nicer to cycle than the straight bolt Spanish M43
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    Parker Hale M82 Clone

    if anyone is interested i have the 68 page maintenance manual for the M82 in PDF.
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    Parker Hale M82 Clone

    Not my photo, an Australian Army M82, early 90's
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    Any Advise on Lee Enfield Rifles?

    Appreciate the correction, thanks!
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    Winchester 54, worth saving?

    The barrel channel looks like it will accept a reasonably thick profile. Could be cool as a 30-06 with a decent period scope. Would source the Lyman sight that’s its cut out for too. I’m not too worried about the chewed up wood under the forend as it’s a bit of character.
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    Winchester 54, worth saving?

    So I have never come across one of these in Australia but a dealer is advertising this quite cheap. My main concern is the drilled scope mount holes that seem elongated etc. I have basic skills for restoration but would go to a smith for that. There’s something about this rifle that just draws...
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    Any Advise on Lee Enfield Rifles?

    Photos needed for sure. No4 of any variety is an Enfield not a Lee Enfield. The original stock setup will have an amount of pressure upwards at the forend tip on the barrel. Not to say the rifles can’t be free floated but a cheap plastic stock won’t do that properly. Just guessing, but the...
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    Man Who Would be King

    Just finished the book of the same title, will check it out thanks
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    I need a picture of my Covert and I Can't find it right now

    Cant remember if this was yours or not
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    Good news and not so good.

    My 1:12 Rem 700 VSSF2 - loves Hornady TAP 60gn .
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    Army M24 Build Thread

    It's a cool rifle either way, very jealous!
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    Old Weaver T-16 value/ worth buying?

    No worries. We do pay more in Australia in general just due to lack of volume and prices just being higher in general. Not so much thinking a replica more of an inspired build. But if it’s not worth it I’ll pass. Thanks for the replies so far!