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  1. eshorebwhntr

    DIY Stock Inletting - CDI Precision DBM on a Grey Bull R700 SA Stock

    Just got done inletting my Grey Bull Precision stock for CDI bottom metal. It was a fun learning experience. I made/machined my own jig to hold the stock, drew up the metal from CDI's drawing in solidworks, generated the code, cut a few test pieces, and finally got to cut the real thing. I'm...
  2. eshorebwhntr

    Sierra MK Jump/Jam

    I've primarily only used Bergers since I've been reloading. All my rifles have shot best with minimal jump with the VLD and I've had good luck. I'm loading up some 190 SMK's for a buddy in his 30 Hart. What is the rule of thumb with SMK's? (if there is one) Do they like jump, jam...