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  1. kswaterfowl

    Accessories Free shooting bags*all gone*

    I have 3 rear bags that a friend's wife made for me. I would like to give these away to some people who are new shooters, youth shooters, or somebody who can't afford to buy a new one. Shoot me a message with your shipping info, and I will send you one.
  2. kswaterfowl

    Optics Sold ss 10x42

    Swfa ss 10x42 mil-dot reticle and moa turrets. It is an older model that is labeled tasco. It is brand new in the box. SOLD
  3. kswaterfowl

    Reloading Equipment Found

    I'm looking for a set of Redding type s 6.5 creedmoor dies, if anyone has a set they want to let go. Thanks.
  4. kswaterfowl

    Left Hand Sale Spf XLR Evolution chassis

    I have a xlr evolution chassis for a Tikka t3/t3x. I bought this off another forum member, and decided to go a different route. It is brand new, and never had a barreled action in it. The foam on the cheek rest is a little scuffed from shipping, but it's flawless other than that. $500 shipped
  5. kswaterfowl

    Accessories Sold Krieger barrel blank Sold

    Krieger .224 stainless barrel blank with a 6.5 twist. Remington Varmint contour, 29". $300 shipped.
  6. kswaterfowl


    For sale is a hard to find tikka t3 lite stainless in 223. It has the 1-8 twist barrel. It is in very good condition. $600 shipped to ffl from individual.
  7. kswaterfowl

    Wtb Remington 700 .380 bolt face

    Might be a long shot, but I am looking for a Remington 700 short action with a .380 bolt face(223 Remington) for a 204 build. Would also consider a Tikka T3. Thanks in advance.
  8. kswaterfowl

    Rifle Scopes spr scope choices

    I'm looking for suggestions on optics for a 16" spr build. Im looking for something in the 2-10 range in second focal plane. And I would like something with decent turrets, doesn't really matter mil or moa. And I would like to keep it under $1000. The only ones that I have really found are...
  9. kswaterfowl

    Bluetooth headphones

    Any recommendations on Bluetooth headphones for working out. Prefer the earbud type, but not sure what brand.
  10. kswaterfowl

    Scope mount questions

    I'm having a hard time deciding which mount to purchase for my new 6mm dti. I can't decide between the Nightforce unimount or Geissele super precision mount. And should I go with the standard or extended? It will be a Nightforce shv 3-10x42 going in the mount.
  11. kswaterfowl

    manners t5 or t2

    I finally got the go ahead from my wife to buy a new stock for my tikka build. I am debating between the manner t2 and the t5. I would love hear opinions and preferences between the two. This rifle is going to be strictly a coyote slayer.
  12. kswaterfowl

    kind of puzzled

    I was in a car accident Saturday, and I had my rifle in my back seat. So the next day I decided to take it out and make sure my zero is still on. My first shot was dead on, then the next four was about a 2" spread. Then the weird thing is I fired 9 more rounds that measured .459". This gun...
  13. kswaterfowl

    Gunsmithing Hss bolt handle

    I just received an hss bolt handle for my tikka t3, and it doesnt seem to fit. The factory bolt handle slides in and out with ease and the hss bolt handle seems to wide. Just wondering if anyone has experience with these bolt handles. I emailed hss and im just waiting for a reply, but I...
  14. kswaterfowl

    243 shorty

    After looking at the short rifle thread everyday, I decided that I really want one. I have an extra savage model 10 action laying around, and I thought a little 19-21 inch barreled 243 would work great for coyotes out to 400 yards. But I wanted see if any of you guys have any experience with...
  15. kswaterfowl

    Another ugly Savage!!

    Not quite finished, but at least Ill be able to shoot it. Fiance told me I have to wait til after the wedding to paint and cerkote, and buy the rest of my accessories. Still having the Atlas vs Harris debate with myself, and hopefully stockdoc can add some kmw hardware to the stock. Build...