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  1. SourMash

    Atlas Cal Mount?

    I've never had an arca rail but I have one coming on my new Vudoo. I'm ordering my Atlas Cal and I think I'm going to need an adapter to make it connect. Is this correct? If so, does anyone recommend one over the other?
  2. SourMash

    Any of you rimfire guys using a Labradar?

    If so, Do you need the air gun trigger adapter? I'm considering investing in this unit but I don't know if I'll need that adapter. I MOSTLY only shoot rimfire and I prefer it to be suppressed when I do.
  3. SourMash

    Rifle Scopes I need help with scope measurements.

    For the sake of being flamed here for being ignorant, Is there an article or book that I can read for beginners and scopes? I want to know how to do the math to find out the max elevation that I can expect from scopes and moa rails. I'm gonna share my question but instead of just telling me the...
  4. SourMash

    Kestrel - Which one?

    So I'm in the market for a Kestrel but obviously, I'm not a pro shooter (I'm actually an older guy but brand new to wanting to shoot groups at longer range). I'm going to buy a Kestrel (This weekend) but I don't know if I need the "elite" model. Can I get by for now with just a regular 5700...
  5. SourMash

    Rifle Scopes How is their warranty?

    I've never owned a Nightforce or a Zero Compromise but I'm about to buy one of the two. Like the title says, how's their warranty, should I need to use it? Is it a timed thing, like a 1 year and then you're on your own, or do they have lifetime warranty's like Vortex?
  6. SourMash

    Game Changer vs Fortune Cookie

    Are these bags close enough in design that either would be a great first bag? Or do you guys recommend one over the other? IF you guys say the game changer would be the best do you recommend the sticky, OG or waxed model?
  7. SourMash

    Chassis vs Stock

    What's the advantages of either? I am not a competition shooter. I'd call myself more of a backyard plinker. I have saved enough money for a Vudoo and I was thinking I wanted a chassis system (why?, I don't know). Maybe it was for the looks of it. Then the other day, I saw a picture of a Vudoo...
  8. SourMash

    Data book?

    First off, I'm a rookie by you guys standards. I've always been a shooter but never a competitor. I do not see myself competing in any centerfire competitions ever..however, I have recently become very interested in rimfire accuracy. I have a couple of rifles that I'm fond of and one more to...
  9. SourMash

    What Tools are in your bag?

    I'm fortunate in the fact that I have property to shoot from and that I don't have to go anywhere. The problem is that I don't know what tools to put in my bag IF it do decide to go and shoot a NRL22 match, since I will have to travel for it. Granted, I don't feel like I will have to work on...
  10. SourMash

    Question about changing calibers?

    So I'm wanting to build a precision .300wm and I would like to use a Remington 700 action. My question is, If I found a used long action (in a different caliber), how much trouble is it to have it converted to the .300wm? If this is a stupid question, please forgive me but I'm just a new guy...
  11. SourMash

    Barrel contour?

    I'm a complete new guy at custom guns. Can y'all please explain to me about barrel contour and what it affects? Or at least tell me where I can find some info to read about it? Thanks, Andy
  12. SourMash

    Altering a stock?

    Have any of you guys ever "modified" your stock? I have a HS precision stock and i would like to cut into the rear of it to make a place for my left hand. I dont have the money for a new stock at the time and I'm just wanting to know if this is possible to do? Thanks
  13. SourMash

    Working up loads???

    I'm new to reloading. I was wanting to know, when you guys are loading for a new recipe, how many rounds do you load at a time? I mean, are you loading 10 and then shooting 2 five shot groups or are you only loading 3 or 4 or 20?
  14. SourMash

    Leica rangefinder?

    I'm looking at the one in the Cabala's fall book. It's the 1600yd model. Are there different models for 1600yds, because they have it for $599 and I've seen it elsewhere for $699. I'm new to long range gear and just wanted to ask before I buy something like this. Also, why is the 1000yd one $200...