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  1. ItsChippendale

    Accessories WTB CDi Tikka T3 AICS Bottom Metal

    Hey guys im looking to buy CDi bottom metal for a tikka T3. its a .223 but it should take SA bottom metal. it goes for a Manners that i forgot to buy. Hook me up guys!
  2. ItsChippendale

    Range Report "X MPH Gun" wind info/rules

    Hopefully I didn't miss where this was clearly stated in other posts; I'm trying to find some more information on the "mph gun" wind technique. From what I understand you get the G1 BC of the bullet and multiply it by 10, and that is the Mph you base your chart on. I.e 175 SMK G1 BC = .474 x...
  3. ItsChippendale

    Into to Precision Rimfire Shooting

    Hey everybody, i'm picking up a 22lr trainer rifle to supplement my PRS training. I'm going to pick up a CZ-455 PVT 24". From what i understand, they're are a lot of nuances to precision rimfire shooting. i.e. cleaning regiments, ammo, etc. i looking around for other fourms on the topic, but...