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    Are all Plumbers, Water, and Well guys the same?

    So, dealing with Plumbers and Water Well guys, I see a pattern. Granted, I'm in a remote area of Colorado, away from the big city, so my sampling of data is limited, but they are all the same. I have to argue with them constantly over materials, parts, how I want a system installed, etc. A...
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    Insurance is a Scam

    So today I wasted an hour of my life going over my home insurance policy with my insurance agency. So help me understand this, because I don't. My gold and silver coins are fully insured, but my gold and silver bullion are not. Both the coins and bullion are a Troy ounce of .999+ gold or...
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    Reloading Equipment WTS N540 Colorado

    I have 10-ea 1-lb bottles of VihtaVouri N540. Always stored in my cool dry basement. $40 each, or buy all 10 for $375. I'm in NW Colorado, but on March 29th, I will be traveling through Golden, NW Denver to Boulder, and even as far as the new Mile High store. On Friday, I will be traveling to...
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    Optics Trijicon ACOGs and MRO For Sale

    Have two each Trijicon TA-33R-8 (Red Chevron). Both are in very good condition, glass is perfect, and clear. They come with the LaRue Tactical Lever Mount system. Have seen very little use. I've had these for over 5-years or so, so the Tritium has dimmed over time, but honestly, factory...
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    Accessories Atlas Bipods For Sale

    Have a few Atlas Bipods that I need to let go, nothing wrong with them, just purging or upgrading my kit. New BT10-LW17 with ADM Clamp $275 (Package Opened) Used BT10-LW17 with ADM Clamp $250 Sold Used BT10-NC $200 ($360 with new in package RRS/SOAR SC-LR and BTCA) SC-LR and BTCA not for...
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    Accessories WTB LaRue LT271

    Looking for a LaRue Tactical LT-271 clamp. I just ordered a LaRue mount, and forgot to order the clamp also. Checking to see if anyone has a new, or like new with wrench etc. before I place another order.
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    Accessories Packs, Tactical, Match, Bugout, Camping, etc.

    I have a few different packs for sale. Packs listed in order as pictured left to right; New Mystery Ranch Mountain Ruck, MultiCam 34" and larger waist. New $700+, sell for $350 Used/Like New Kifaru Zulu G2, Dark Coyote Brown. (Discontinued Model, Highly Sought After by the Bushcraft...
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    Firearms 7 SAUM Custom Build with Ammo, Brass, Bullets, Powder, and Primers.

    Custom Built Beanland 7 SAUM - Remington Stainless SA RMEF Serial Number - Side Bolt Release installed by Kampfeld Customs. - PTG One Piece Bolt, Milled Fluting, Tactical Bolt Knob. - Feedramp notched for mag length COAL of 2.950". - Near MFG 20-moa scope rail. - Bartlein HV Contour 5R 9-twist...
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    Accessories Hog Saddle with Acra plate

    I have a nearly new Hog Saddle with the Shadow Tech MARC Plate (Acra Plate). This is the seldom seen Green with Black pads model, currently not available anywhere. I have the boxes for both. I only used this a couple times in the field, so a little...
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    Accessories WTB Wilcox RAPTAR Pouch

    Looking for an original Wilcox RAPTAR nylon case in MultiCam, as provided by Wilcox. Please PM me with what you have, and a price. Thanks!
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    Accessories WTS Combat Jacket, Shirts, Pouch

    SOLD Have a new with tags Rothco Special Ops Soft Shell Jacket, Coyote, Size Large. Only tried on. I'm a 44 chest, 34 waist, and it's a little big for me. Has pit-zippers, and hood. Quick internet search and they're all over $100. So how about $85 SOLD shipped? Two Army Surplus Combat...
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    SOLD WTS ARMS/SWAN Mounting System

    Just got this set up last week, and found out the hard way it won't work for me and my Nightforce NXS Compact 2.5-10, at least not with the Tactical Ring Cap, as that's what my plan was, and mount a RAPTAR on it. Basically new, with some of the parts still sealed in bags. #35 ARMS Modular...
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    Accessories WTS Surefire SOCOM Muzzle Brakes

    Have a couple, new in package Surefire 762 / 30 Cal SOCOM muzzle brakes, threaded M18x1, and perfect for your Sako TRG, Steyr SSG, or Custom Build. As you know, Surefire Muzzle Brakes are produced in limited runs, and often hard to find when you really need one. I purchased two more, without...
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    Reloading Equipment WTS Brass, some collectable, some FREE

    Have some brass that's taking up room, need it gone. 7.62x51 all 1X fired and boxer primed. 140-ea (7 boxes) Israeli (IMI) M-852, headstamp is IMI 01 with NATO cross. 100-ea Lake City M-118 Match, headstamp LC 77 Match. 20-ea Lake City M-118 Special Ball, headstamp LC 87 with NATO...
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    Gunsmithing Problems with Rifle or Factory Ammo???

    See attached pictures, factory ammo, rifle has around 100-rounds through it since new. When it was purchased new 10+ years ago, no issues back then with this ammo. Rifle and ammo have set for a long time. It was brought out today, and this was the result. Ammo was stored in a cool basement...
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    Fieldcraft Comms for...

    New radio for my home base. It's a Yeasu FT-2980 2-Meter mobile rig that I will be using for a base unit. Even though I have several other radios I can use in this capacity, I chose this one after doing some research, and reading/watching reviews. Main thing I needed was power at a...
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    Optics Found NF 2.5-10 x 42

    Looking for a Night Force NXS 2.5-10 x 42 with Mil-Dot reticle (C488), Mil turrets, CCW, ZeroStop, and Digillum. Price I'm willing to pay is dependent on condition, and available original accessories and box. Please PM directly with what you have and price, you can PM pictures also.
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    WTB Toyota Tacoma

    I know this is a long shot, but see if anyone here has one. A few weeks ago, I could find them on all the auto sites, now it's like looking for a needle in a haystack. 2015 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 Access Cab (Shorter Cab with Longer Bed) V6 Manual Transmission Under 60K Miles TRD a Bonus No Rust No...
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    Firearms Sako TRG factory box, FREE.

    I have a Sako TRG-22/42 factory box. It's in good condition, with all internal packaging. I sold my TRG-42 a few years ago, and I had to ship it in a longer box because of the long muzzle brake. Just pay for actual shipping charge. It will go out in the original cardboard sleeve, protecting...
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    Reloading Equipment SOLD 175-SMKs and 142-SMKs.

    SOLD - Have 2-each sealed 500-ct Sierra 175-gr Match Kings. SOLD $200-each, shipping is an additional $15 for one or both. SOLD Sold 3-each sealed 500-ct Sierra 142-gr Match Kings. Sold $190-each, shipping is an additional $15 per one or two boxes. Sold. Prices are lower than internet...