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  1. eshorebwhntr

    DIY Stock Inletting - CDI Precision DBM on a Grey Bull R700 SA Stock

    I made a mock 700 action out of a round piece of bar stock. Turned it down to the same OD as a 700, cut a channel in the bottom for a piece of 3/8" plate, and welded it in. Then flipped it over, chucked it in the vice, and drilled 3 holes that are spaced out for either SA or LA R700's. Just cut...
  2. eshorebwhntr

    DIY Stock Inletting - CDI Precision DBM on a Grey Bull R700 SA Stock

    Thanks. Its a supra cnc mill that my bosses let me use at work after hours and in between projects.
  3. eshorebwhntr

    DIY Stock Inletting - CDI Precision DBM on a Grey Bull R700 SA Stock

    Just got done inletting my Grey Bull Precision stock for CDI bottom metal. It was a fun learning experience. I made/machined my own jig to hold the stock, drew up the metal from CDI's drawing in solidworks, generated the code, cut a few test pieces, and finally got to cut the real thing. I'm...
  4. eshorebwhntr

    Moving away from hand primers

    I've used the Lee hand tool, rcbs hand tool, and now rcbs auto prime. Personally I love the auto prime. Feel is much better. Less fatigue. Faster for me. The hand tools are fine but I too hated the cheap plastic trays. The ears that held the cover on the Lee had all broken and on new brass I...
  5. eshorebwhntr

    Dillon 650 question on powder charge volume

    my experience has been the same as others noted here. Varget has had the most variation of the powders I've used. Win748 was great. Checked first 100 charges once stuff was set and had 82 dead on with only +-0.1gr on the other 18. I was pretty happy with that. I've had no experience with the TAC...
  6. eshorebwhntr

    Sierra MK Jump/Jam

    I agree, and I'm at that stage. I just wanted to know what worked for others with Sierra bc I'd never used them before.
  7. eshorebwhntr

    Sierra MK Jump/Jam

    I loaded up a few this weekend at magazine in a standard R700 to 3.600 OAL which was .145 jump. They shot decent at 200, roughly .75 moa. I've had the gun shoot the VLD less than .5 moa at 100 when seated .010 off the lands. I loaded up 18 more smk's last night...3 batches of 6 each. Same...
  8. eshorebwhntr

    Sierra MK Jump/Jam

    Good point. Hopefully holds true with this gun b/c I don't think I'll get to the lands with this gun and if I do it def won't be magazine.
  9. eshorebwhntr

    Sierra MK Jump/Jam

    That's what I'm working with now, a long freebore. I think Hart of PA sort of sells that 30 Hart as a cookie cutter type package and assume that everyone will shoot their 180 NBT & RL19 recipe. Not my ideal combo so I thought I'd give the smk a try to start out. Hopefully the freebore isn't so...
  10. eshorebwhntr

    Sierra MK Jump/Jam

    I've primarily only used Bergers since I've been reloading. All my rifles have shot best with minimal jump with the VLD and I've had good luck. I'm loading up some 190 SMK's for a buddy in his 30 Hart. What is the rule of thumb with SMK's? (if there is one) Do they like jump, jam...
  11. eshorebwhntr

    Conundrum Picking It A New Spotting Scope

    do you feel the same rationale holds true when comparing the viper HD vs razor HD binos? I should state that this would be for glassing game off a tripod and freehand.
  12. eshorebwhntr

    Hunting & Fishing 7WSM 180 Berger takes down two Grizzlies and More!

    My buddy has a 30 Hart that he has run the 190 VLD and 210 VLD. The 210 is on the upper side of being effective on smaller size deer but still kills them. You just get more exit wounds than with the 190's. Just about everything he shot with the 190 was bang, flop from 70 yards to I think to...
  13. eshorebwhntr

    Rifle Scopes New Optic From Bushnell, The LRHS

    I think its a good unit that pulls together the flaws that weren't addressed on any one unit for long range hunting. I especially like the 10 mil fixed low pro turret with arrow is about as hunter friendly & dummy proof as it gets. Is the turret straight or angled? If straight I have no issue...