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  1. cro789

    FAB Defense Spike Bipod

    So far better than Magpul just wish someone would make spike feet. Locks up tight and yet you can move it if need be. Down side you have to push the button to move the legs like on the Atlas. Very steady just takes a little getting use to.
  2. cro789

    SOLD Berger 6mm 105 Hunting VLD’s

    I will take lot 3
  3. cro789

    Reloading Equipment 6mm ARC BRASS

    I had to go to 6.5 Grendel brass and making the 6 ARC brass.
  4. cro789

    Reloading Equipment FS: Berger 22 cal 82gr

    If they are still available I will take all 5.
  5. cro789

    Rifle Scopes Any info on the Bobro compact mount?

    Has anyone tried the Vudu 5/25 in this mount? And did you have any problems?
  6. cro789

    MDT XRS for CZ 457 - does it come with an integral recoil lug?

    Sir I too would like to know how has the stock been holding up. Did you notice any improvement of the accuracy over the standard stock?
  7. cro789

    FAB Defense Spike Bipod

  8. cro789

    FAB Defense Spike Bipod

    Got it today and the thing is nice. The pan feature has a spring back to zero(front) and you can lock both pan and tilt. It locks up tight too. Can’t wait to get it out to the range and I will give a better review. It will be a day or two.
  9. cro789


    Thanks guys I learned something today. Don’t know until you ask. See that is why I have good equipment from good people that will answer questions and don’t treat you like you are a idiot.
  10. cro789


    Zak, If a can fails can it not be destroyed and a new one made with the same serial number?
  11. cro789

    FAB Defense Spike Bipod

    Has anyone tried one of the FAB Defense bipods? They look like an modified Magul but better.
  12. cro789

    Howa 1500 mini action pistol

    Its on its way to me. I having a hard time waiting. But as soon as I get it to the range I will let everyone know
  13. cro789

    Howa 1500 mini action pistol

    Shrubjr, that’s exactly what we did. It is coming to my dealer as a pistol . The reason I went this way is I want a short pistol but long enough to take advantage of some length for bullet speed and energy for hunting out to 400 yards. Now it may go farther than that we will just have to see. I...
  14. cro789

    Howa 1500 mini action pistol

    Is was built by a gun smith and built as a pistol never built as a rifle.. It was just a barreled action and never put into a stock. He researched it before we started this project. This is the same process that JTAC uses for it Elf Owl pistol.
  15. cro789

    Howa 1500 mini action pistol

    Well I built a pistol out of a Howa 1500 mini action. The barrel is a 14.5 1/7 LH twist In 6 ARC. Going to try Berger 108s in first. I know I am posting this in the bolt rifle section but it started as a 6.5 Grendel barred action. I will be using this for deer and coyotes. Hope to be running a...
  16. cro789

    Accuracy International Picture Thread

    Also have they tried 6GT in the AT
  17. cro789


    Tennessee too