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  1. S12A

    Winchester 54, worth saving?

    So I have never come across one of these in Australia but a dealer is advertising this quite cheap. My main concern is the drilled scope mount holes that seem elongated etc. I have basic skills for restoration but would go to a smith for that. There’s something about this rifle that just draws...
  2. S12A

    Old Weaver T-16 value/ worth buying?

    I'im thinking about buying a Weaver T-16 , the seller wants roughly $340 USD for it, its the older scope made in the USA with Microtrac target turrets and an adjustable objective, appears to be in really good condition, could be nice on a period correct M40 style build maybe? I have no...
  3. S12A

    90's rem 700 bolt handle question

    Anyone recognise this bolt handle and who may have made it? It appears to be one piece
  4. S12A

    1947 Swiss K31

    I just picked up this K31, made in 1947 and refurbed in 1955, the bore is immaculate. I'm a little bit in awe of this rifle, the craftsmanship is next level compared to what else was around at the time.
  5. S12A

    Rifle Scopes Mark 5 3.6-18 , which reticle ?

    Trying to decide which reticle I want for this scope, I mostly shoot steel and some comps but not PRS, more service rifle stuff. I am putting it on a AIAX Pre 2014 in .308 , replacing an S&B 5-25 with MSR reticle, I am reducing size and weight by changing which is important to me, I havent...
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    Savage Enfield No4Mk1* .303B - new to me

    Picked this one up from an older gentleman who is retiring from the iron sights game due to age/eyes, It has been bedded / centre bedded, is a 2 groove bore which has some life left, probably a 6-7/10 . The wood is really nice, park isn't bad but some marks of age, rust spotting etc. Likely...
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    Rifle Scopes Anyone have a Bushnell LRTS and NF ATACR 4-16X42 Side by side to compare?

    Hello, I am after a hands on comparison between the above mentioned optics, Intended use is on a .308 for mostly competition (not PRS) and shooting steel, I currently have a S&B 5-25 on my rifle, and i understand either will be some type of step down, but I am after informed opinions on...
  8. S12A

    My Indian .303 - RFI/ G.R.I No1MK3* SMLE FTR 1970

    Not snipery, but this is my .303 I thought I would share. It is an Indian G.R.I marked reciever and action that was FTR'd and marked RFI 1970 at that time, Oddly it has Australian wood, made by Slazenger (a sporting goods maker, tennis rackets etc) . Bore is excellent, was a very low round...
  9. S12A

    Gunsmithing Remington 700P .300WM - DBM upgrade standard LA or CIP?

    G'day all, Just chasing some info here, I have a 700P in .300WM coming my way, looking at upgrading so I can run AICS mags or similar, I am looking at this company and these products as they are in Australia: LINK TO DBM The CIP version: LINK TO CIP DBM So basically I have no options...
  10. S12A

    Home made gear ; some rear bags

    The MRS cranked out some rear bags for me tonight using some leftover materiel from DPCU pants . have turned out really good and useful. hard to get this kind of stuff in Auscam commercially
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    IPAD safari users, clear cache to fix database errors how to

    G'day all if you are having problems with errors that show the "Parrellel H-Sphere" error page suggesting the content may be missing you need to clear your cache. Go to; 1.Settings 2.Safari then depending on your generation of IPAD press clear cache or with the new version you may...
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    Modifying a Manners T4CZ for CZ452 to fit Varmint

    gday juust wondering if anyone knows the work involved to modify a Manners T4 CZ for a cz 452 to accept a varmint with a barrel recoil lug . the reason i ask is the local dealer here has CZ 45 2 stocks in stock but i would have to order and wait for a varmint model. thanks for any help...
  13. S12A

    AI AX muzzle thread type?

    gday just wanting to know the thread type pitch etc on the factory AX 20inch barrels? cant find it anywhere, thanks S12A
  14. S12A

    do the ruger scout mags work in an AI AE?

    Hello, As the title suggests i am after first hand accounts of the plastic ruger mags working in an AI AE . Cheers Anthony
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    Accuracy Int Explorer case feedback please

    Gday Im looking at buying an AE mk 3 asap and have not seen an AI explorer hard case in person.. So does anyone have pics of their to share please and any feedback? Thanks S12A
  16. S12A

    difference in m40 to m40A1 components?

    I'm looking at getting a custom built M40A1 replica from a builder here in Aus that specialises in M40 repro's. what parts would i need to supply that are different between the two? thanks for any help anthony
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    my New precision rifle- Steyr Elite .308W (PICS)

    Gday Fellas, picked this up yesterday .
  18. S12A

    Photos Steyr Elite .308 SH Edition Data book

    Got my new rifle today , a couple of pics.
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Gerber LMF 2

    Gday Fellas, I've carried a few knives and I am just giving my thoughts on my current one; Gerber LMF 2 ; Specifications Overall Length: 10.59" Length of Blade: 4.84" Weight: 11.4 oz. Features Lashing holes for use as spear Rugged, versatile survival tool 4...
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    Photos Low PRS Tripod with SSP1

    Tikka T3 .308 with Roedale chassis system on a Precision Rifle solutions low tripod.