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  1. camocorvette

    Reloading Equipment Lots of brass, pistol, rifle.

    44 S&W, 44 REM MAG sold.
  2. camocorvette

    Reloading Equipment Lots of brass, pistol, rifle.

    **SOLD** 44 S&W Special. Once fired. Cleaned. Mixed headstamps. 120 cases total. $50 shipped 40 Cal. Once fired, cleaned. Mixed head stamps. 801 cases total. $70 shipped 270 WIN brass. Once fired from bolt action. Cleaned, deprimed, ready for sizing. 102 cases total(1-FC, 50-RP, 51 Winchester...
  3. camocorvette


    I slept in the same tent as a team of Marsoc guys and their K9 at NTC...
  4. camocorvette

    Muzzle devices

    Coyote gun and HD gun have lmt and surefire 3 prong flash hider. Gamer guns get brakes.
  5. camocorvette

    Optics Atibal-X 1-10 ffp. Like new ***PRICE DROP*** $600

    I'll take it. Pm inbound
  6. camocorvette

    Optics Vortex Strike Eagle 5-25 EBR-7c (mil) with Badger Rings

    Shit! Good deal. Was just gonna say I'll take it after I looked up the specs. If deal falls through. I'll take it.
  7. camocorvette

    Optics WTS Athlon Cronus BTR 4.5-29

    If you read through the posts and look on more then the px you will find the conversations. But the rules are also updated and explained at the top of the first page in the px. If you want to use the px. You must now purchase a supporter membership. You can still peruse the site if you don't...
  8. camocorvette

    'Money' Mayweather or Logan Paul

    At least some one is asking the important questions.
  9. camocorvette

    Precision Rifle Gear Eye protection that doesn't scratch
  10. camocorvette

    Precision Rifle Gear Eye protection that doesn't scratch

    I've had the same pair of M frames that I was issued in 07'. I wear them shooting, I put them in the case. I wear them shooting... I put them in the case.....
  11. camocorvette

    Help with muzzle device removal

    I just recently took that exact muzzle device off. Pain in the ass. Lots of heat didn't do crap. Then I just propped the torch on it for 10 minutes and it came off like butter. Probably not good for the barrel.. but it's a 10.5 and it seems to shoot just fine.
  12. camocorvette

    Geissele hand guard Check that about everywhere day. I've picked up a few things that are always sold out. Minor blems. If you actually use your shit you won't care.
  13. camocorvette

    SOLD SOLD Range Pickup Brass (9mm)

    I'll take the 556 brass. Pm inbound
  14. camocorvette

    Need help with 23mm ELR build

    I guess my question is what side are you on? Can you send WWII weapons please? Thank you
  15. camocorvette

    Great monograph for those interested in arms history

    Added to the list. Looks great. Thank you!
  16. camocorvette

    Veterans - Say Their Name Today

    Keith Adam Coe. April 27 2010 Diyala Province, Iraq. Rest in peace buddy.
  17. camocorvette

    Fauci watching out for us

    That guy is a fucking joke.
  18. camocorvette

    What did you do in the reloading room today?

    I need to do that for some blk powder guns. Want to do some Minié rounds for the 58 cal.
  19. camocorvette

    Contest for the poors

    Oakley M frames. Got a couple sets from the Army. They work pretty decent