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    Accessories SOLD***KRG Bravo Chassis, FDE, Rem SA w/adjustable buttpiece SOLD

    Mounted up and only fired with a dozen times. Ended up sending barreled action out for repair and put it back in factory stock and sold that rifle, so the stock is no longer needed. It's like new and comes with the original box and any other hardware it originally had. Included buttpiece is a...
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    Firearms **SEEKINS HAVAK 6.5PRC**$1550 or 2300 w/scope

    ***NO TRADES*** Brand new barrel installed by seekins. Rifle only had 50 rounds fired before sending it in. Has only been fired with new barrel a handful of rounds to verify it shoots factory 147 ammo accurately. Includes the Seekins muzzle brake(REMARKABLY effective) which was installed...
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    ***PRICE DROP*** Stag arms 'custom'AR-15

    Selling a custom built AR-15 in 223 Wylde 18" fluted bbl from Stag Arms lower with 2A on the side Basic grip, mil-spec trigger Magpul flip sights One 10 round magazine Other details about parts are on the receipt pictured ***CONVENTIONAL MAG RELEASE(ignore what you see). Less than...
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    Duplicate thread. DELETE

    Duplicate thread
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    Comes with sunshade and flip caps. I have the original box as well. Scope is perfect. Only scuff is on the included sunshade and it's insignificant. Only selling because i need to turn one badass scope into two so-so scopes. $1800 W/Insured shipping. Paypal+3% or money order. Pretty firm on...
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    28 Nosler barrel 'sped up'

    This cartridge has been interesting to me. It's the first time I read discussions of barrels speeding up after 'x' amount of rounds. When I first got the rifle I found an accuracy node pretty quickly of 79.5gr retumbo under 195 bergers on an 'almost' saami spec chamber. Was getting 3050 and...
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    Hunting & Fishing Got drawn for elk! Help me choose a caliber!

    I've been killing steel for a few years now, and recently took up hunting. Arizona is a draw state for pretty much all big game other than mountain lion. I was unsuccessful in my draw for deer last season and was sure that elk would be an even bigger long shot. Not so! I got drawn! Yeah, it's...
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    Powder/load data for 338lm/berger 250otm

    I really haven't found a wealth of info on successful real world load data for this combo and I'm hoping I didn't waste my money on these. Ballistically, they are WAY flatter flying than the 300gr otm out to 1200 or less when compared to my current load of 300s under 90gr retumbo, flying at...
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    Sinclair meplat trimmer = junk?

    I just bought one to trim my 338 Berger otms with and it's a joke! The bullet holder doesn't "hold" the bullet. It merely stops it. When i insert the bullet and go to turn the trimmer the bullet just wobbles around, catching on the cutting blade. It will eventually chip of enough but it's such a...
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Any .50AE pistols besides the desert eagle?

    Google didn't help much. My dad is looking for a 50 call handgun but doesn't want the s&w500 and he's cheap. Don't think he'll wanna she'll out $1300+ Any other makers? PCR/XLR/TAC338
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    No Lee collet necksizer for 338 lapua?

    I recently started a thread about taming runout, and got a lot of recommendations for lee collet dies. And i get why, as the concept of squeezing the neck around a predetermined stem size tends to produce concentric brass with consistent neck tension, at a far better value than bushing dies...
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    Gunsmithing Stiller action not ejecting shells??

    I have a TAC338 action that is hit or miss on ejecting spent brass, and when it does it just barely does, like it flops to the ground. Any ideas? It's a brand new action that i bought second hand here off the hide. The ejector spring seems to have about 1/3 the compression of the savages I'm...
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    Is it my press or my die? .009 runout

    Let's see if I an make this short and sweet. Lee turret press. Started with factory new lapua brass within .001 on my Sinclair concentricity gauge. I quickly learned that expander balls or expanders of any sort kill concentricity so they have been long gone (were adding .003-.004 of runout)...
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    Gunsmithing Stiller bolt knob thread size?

    I would like to make a bolt knob for my TAC338 action while I'm waiting on it. If anyone can help me out with the thread size and diameter at the base where it mates up to the bolt lever that'd be great. TIA
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    Interested in LRI group buy-338 edge help

    I don't want to hijack the group buy thread so I thought I'd get some advice here. I've been tinkering with the idea of a 338 edge build. I was going to go all out with a custom action, but a trued Remington is more in my budget and Chad's offering right now is enticing. Here are my questions...
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    Sig M400 FDE/Magpul price?

    I have an opportunity to pick up one of these, new, from someone that gets an opportunity to order one at a heavily discounted price but had no need for it. Of course he won't tell me his price and he expects to make a buck on it. I'm fine with that but I'm not desperate for an AR style rifle...
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    Gunsmithing How to: composite stock and integrated adjustable cheek piece...

    Ive done a little searching here and on Google, and have seen some nice installs by the likes of Stockdoc and others, with adjustable cheek pieces installed on composite stocks. But the only "how to's" I've seen are with wooden stocks, and the install is a little different. I'm no proffessional...
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    UPS can kiss my a$$!

    Placed an order with powder valley for hard to find lapua 260 brass, 140a max, 139 Scenars, h4350 and done other stuff back in like December. Of course its all stuff that's out of stock again. Anyway, i understand pv has been very busy filing orders and I was patient. But when i got delivery...
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    Gunsmithing a little savage bolt knob shadetree gunsmithing

    Decided to make my own bolt knob for my savage. I know i could have had one done for about $100 and a lot less effort on my part, but there's a feeling of accomplishment in doing shit yourself... So my dad is the one with the lathe and mill, buy he lives 450 miles away. I'd spend double in...
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    powder valley

    I know i could just call and ask but i don't want to show them down any more than they already are... What are pv customers seeing on shipping time? Is it 20 days like they say on their website? Also, i placed my order and it automatically accounted for ks sales tax, yet i live in AZ. Is anyone...