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  1. basman

    Tikka T1x extended magazine’s

    Has anyone seen an extended magazine to the 22lr? Or a magazine base extender! for the T1x 22lr. I’ve done a web Search, but can’t even find a rumor of one. thanks
  2. basman

    Voodoo tactical

    Are they away or have they shut their doors? Been wanting to buy a few things for several weeks and the website only says check back next week. unable to place online order. thanks Jeff
  3. basman

    Rifle Scopes Burris XTR II vs. Vortex PST

    Looking for a new scope and have narrowed it down to these two. FFP 3-15 Mil/Mil Thoughts? Thanks Jeff
  4. basman

    Small quantities of ammunition to test?

    Where is a good place to order small, like one or two boxes, of ammunition to test? It seems like no one place has the selection of “match” type ammo. Is 50-100 enough to test? Thanks Jeff