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  1. Stpilot12

    Loading Bench T Tracks

    Hey guys.. Thinking I want to add some tracks to my bench, but I don't know much about them. I see a few different sizes available, Im ASSuming the heavier duty tracks would be better for running presses and such. Any of you DIY yours or buy your bench that way? You think they're worth it...
  2. Stpilot12

    I need a Windows phone guru...

    Bought a cheap nokia 635 (windows 8.1) for the sole purpose of running coldbore... So first off, I know nothing about windows or microsoft, been an apple guy for over 15 years. High probability of user error here. Anyway, go to Patagonia ballistics, PAY the $$, click download and I get...
  3. Stpilot12

    H4350 in stock

    As of 11 am pacific Precision has 8lb jugs in stock!q=pdh4350?utm_source=Powder+Shipment+4-7-2018&utm_campaign=Powder+Shipment+4-15&utm_medium=email
  4. Stpilot12

    PSA: .264 147ELD-M's hitting the shelves again

    For those looking, looks like there's finally more getting out there. As of last night Precision Reloading and Brownells had them in stock. Ordered me a metric F%&k ton :)
  5. Stpilot12

    Advice on Stock/Chassis upgrade

    Hello Gang.. Kinda starting to pull my hair out over this… I decided to put a new barrel on my R700/ 300wm. So next I’m thinking… might as well go all the way and get a sweet stock. I can’t decide between the McMillan A5 style or an AI chassis, like the AT I lean toward the A5, probably...
  6. Stpilot12

    New AR Build

    Hey all.. Just finishing up a new SPR type AR build. First off, Im not claiming this to be a "Mark"-anything, I just like the SPR concept and set out to build my own version. It came out pretty sweet! I've been shooting it for a few weeks now, shoots REALLY well. Everything I've put thru...
  7. Stpilot12

    Help on 300WM load / OCW

    Hello all. First post, looong time lurker… I love this site, found tons of good info. I’ve been shooting/loading for at least 30yrs (yes, started young with my dad) Former SWAT LEO with lots of time behind 223/308 precison rifles.. I think I have a fairly decent trigger finger.. (although...