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    Remage prefit barrel vendors

    I'm looking for a remage prefit barrel and have been looking at vendors. Criterion via NSS was my first choice, but they never answer the phone and frankly leaving a voice mail and having NSS call back when it works for them isn't very convenient for me. I don't sit on my cell phone and...
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    Tell me this isn't lowlight

    Tell me this isn't lowlight on the motorbike :ROFLMAO:
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    2 Actions, one chassis

    So I was planning to get 2 chassis for 2 rifles I have to replace the factory stocks which are now hindering me. Today life came along and whacked a chunk out of my slush fund so I can now only afford one. Bugger, but there are folks worse off than I, so I shan't complain. Since I can only...
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    Help choosing my .264 caliber chambering

    I think I have an infallible solution that will always give a perfect answer!
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    Midway has N550 in stock

    Just ordered 8 lbs. Vihtavuori N550 Smokeless Gun Powder 8 lb (
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    TAC21 Gen 2 Chassis

    So I've been looking at chassis to upgrade the factory original HS Precision stocks on my 700's, and I came across the TAC21, amongst many others. At first glance I kinda liked it, I liked the idea of the AR-10 type recoil path and the like. Then I started thinking about the totally enclosed...
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    I've been reduced to this...

    So I was priming some brass today. I fumbled the primer tray dumping my primers on the bench. Some fell on the floor. I spent 15 minutes on my hands and knees with a flashlight looking for 3 primers. 3 frikken primers. All because I couldn't bear the thought of pulling another tray of 100...
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    All in one, or RF & Kestrel

    So I'm looking into getting a rangefinder and doing some research, reading manuals and the like. Last time I did this, rangefinders were just that, LOS range. I've also kinda been living under rock for a decade (long story with some very, very low times in my life) and now find that...
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    7.5x55 Swiss Load Data and GRT

    This started as a question, but the more I looked at it the more I figured out what was going on. I decided to post this anyway in case anyone has a similar question in the future. I found it interesting to run down the answer, but maybe that's just me... I'm using Gordons Reloading Tool to...
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    Impact of cold on rimfire ammo

    So I was at the range today and was having very poor results wit my CZ-452. This has been a well behaved and well performing rifle in the past. But today I was getting serious vertical stringing with Wolf Match Extra and less serious stringing with Eley Club. Last time out in the late summer...
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    Group size changes with target size using iron sights

    I experienced something odd at the range again today that I have noticed in the past but never quite realized what was happening. I was shooting a trio of C&R rifles, an M-1, an M-44 and a K-31. Each rifle is as issued other than the glass bedding on the M-44. With each rifle shooting at...
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    Rifle Scopes Zero stop on USO ST-10?

    I'm looking on the USO website at the ST-10 and I can find any mention of zero stops on the ST-10. Can any of the USO owners here tell me if there are zero stops on elevation on the ST-10 (or any other USO scopes for that matter)? Thanks J.