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    700 long action

    Ample room to increase OAL if shooting heavies with an increased freebore.
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    Gunsmithing Remington 700 223 ar15 magazine conversion

    I tried the PTG route over 6 years ago to no avail. It is some of Dave Kiff's rainbow stew and snake oil to slip$$$$ out of our hands. This follows along the line of his other products and marketing techniques. Save your money and time for better products.
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    Shooting glasses for shooting scoped rifles?

    In the late 60's we used Bausch and Lomb Ray-bans. Almost everyone used them before all the new products came to be.
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    SOLD McMillan A1-3

    what is the barrel channel?
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    Rifle builders in Georgia?

    L3 Rifles, Jon Slagle in Augusta, GA. Learned from Robert Gradous. Builds some really accurate rifles.
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    Surgeon Actions? Still Quality?

    If you like it buy it. Somebody is always kicking something they have never owned. Armchair experts are fools looking for an audience. Find yourself a good smith, get a premium barrel and let him do his magic.
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    Trying to locate rifle gun smith in GA

    Jon Slagle, L3 Rifles in Augusta, GA. The last smith at Gradous Rifles under Roberts tutelage for 3 years. He builds hammers as he learned the art from the best.
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    Accessories WTB McMillan A4 or A5 R700 SA

    Have A-5's ADJ LOP and Cheek piece, Urban camo, Urban Specter, Desert camo, A-4 ADJ LOP and Cheek piece w/ thumbwheel marbled OD-Olive-Tan A3-5 ADJ LOP and Cheek piece Marbled OD-Black-Olive
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    Accessories ***FOUND*** - Rem 700 VS stock or Chassis (short action)

    Have a H-S 700 SA w/MTU barrel channel bdl bottom metal inlet; $200..00 Shipped
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    Firearms WTB Custom long action Lapua bolt face

    I have a Robert Gradous/ Gre-Tan modified Surgeon 1086
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    Firearms 223 barreled action

    Is this still available
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    Reloading Equipment Sierra matchkings

    What $ would you take?
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    Reloading Equipment WTT VARGET FOR RL 17. (CENTRAL FLORIDA AREA)

    Have 3-1lb bottles I could get to Clermont area
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    Accessories Hawk hill .308 barrel

    Standard 700 threads or recut
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    Accessories WTS Bansner Lightweight Stock Rem 700 SA (Sold)

    what is the barrel channel?
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    Accessories SPF—Seekins DBM—SPF

    is this BDL footprint except for the magwell?
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    Who’s a good smith?

    L3 Rifles LLC, Jon Slagle, cut his teeth @ Gradous Rifles. A very humble and dedicated builder!
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    Reloading Equipment .30 cal Bullets

    I will take the 165 BTHP's
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    Optics MK4 30mm rings, Medium

    Would you do $75.00