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  1. Sean the Nailer

    Do they still make Wink soda?

    Mid 90's, North of us here they used to sell a 'citrus' drink that was bottled and labeled as "Kickapoo Joy Juice". Their version of Fresca. With more lemon. Enjoy your weekend.
  2. Sean the Nailer

    McCloskey’s indicted by grand jury

    I'm curious if they are going to counter-file (?) against ALL the plaintiffs whom are/should be all charged with trespassing, loitering, possibly even breaking and entering.... Correct me if I'm wrong, but they all broke down a gate to gain entrance to the yard, no? That puts them in the...
  3. Sean the Nailer

    Marjorie Taylor Greene To Introduce Legislation That Would Abolish The ATF

    While on the way down from jumping herself off of a bridge, after being run-over by a bus. But it's still a good start, for her. I truly hope this gains traction.
  4. Sean the Nailer

    Anyone here make legit molle pouches?

    FWIW, I too need a particular pouch that is seemingly 'unobtainium' in the market world. And yes, Mr. Soft is quite busy and that is great. So, add me to the list after Mr.German.
  5. Sean the Nailer

    Russia has a PUTIN, America has a P. . . . (fill in the blank)

    There's Putin and the Put-On. (Think "Eminence Front")
  6. Sean the Nailer

    Overcomplicating Things

    But the important question is, do your stainless steel pins that get stuck in your priming hole, throw off the 'field' created by the induction heater before you polish with Unicorn tears?
  7. Sean the Nailer

    50 Bmg Blow up....

    Thank you for NOT being a knob-gobbler and actually paying attention to the words in font AND video. Maybe, just maybe, this thread can evolve into something productive.
  8. Sean the Nailer

    50 Bmg Blow up....

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but has it not been stated a number of times (in video) that THAT particular barrel was made by the manufacturer (Serbu) specifically FOR shooting that SLAP round? Has that not already been confirmed, time and time again?
  9. Sean the Nailer

    100 piece screwdriver set for $19.99

    Not unlike the wise adage of old: "You can't miss fast enough".... There's a reason why Ginsu's are not still popular. No matter how many times you polish them with a Sham-Wow.
  10. Sean the Nailer

    Are all Plumbers, Water, and Well guys the same?

    I'm not arguing with you Chkn, but there is another tangent to this concept as well. There are some of us that are now disabled/gibbled and even though we may hold Red Seals/Journeymans tickets in our trades, we are simply not able to physically do the stuff anymore. But that don't mean that...
  11. Sean the Nailer

    Well, Black Rifle Coffee, that was stupid, wasn't it?... "We do not support Kyle Rittenhouse or his legal defense efforts".

    In the immortal words of Bruce Willis (John McLaine): "Welcome to the party, PAL"
  12. Sean the Nailer

    Are all Plumbers, Water, and Well guys the same?

    I've used the 2 copper wire method. No matter how many times I do it, it is always a surprise when the wires cross. I've "heard of" a guy using a willow switch, as tall as he is. He'd walk around with it balanced over one finger, down at his side. The switch would be half sticking out...
  13. Sean the Nailer

    Are all Plumbers, Water, and Well guys the same?

    Simply reply to the obstinate ones with "I'm guessing that you don't want the work or the income then." That's fine, I'll get someone else who takes direction and works for the paying customer.
  14. Sean the Nailer

    Proofs that English is a bonkers language

    was that in the scheme of things, or in the 'sheem' of things?
  15. Sean the Nailer

    The most dangerous animal in your state.

    Up here, our 'biggest' threat is the Polar Bear. That being said, more folks have been bothered by Moose over the years. We've got a healthy population of Black Bears here too, but they are timid in comparison. Insects such as tick's, mosquito's, and black-flies are a daily concern. When you...
  16. Sean the Nailer

    Last Knob Creek shoot

    How can it "end" in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave?
  17. Sean the Nailer

    Deployed Care Packages

    We used to do a thing called "Goodies For Grunts" many MANY years ago.... Joe Mahon was on the distribution end, and Bruce Robinson started it up States-Side. Maybe some here remember that?
  18. Sean the Nailer

    Ever been a victim of Identity Theft?

    Public Hangings needs to be a spectator sport again!