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  1. jLorenzo

    night vision for walking

    Is there anything worth buying for walking around at night that isnt crazy expensive?
  2. jLorenzo

    Anyone have experience with N150?

    I am new to Vitavouhri powder and grabbed some N150 after reading the descriptions of the powders that were in stock. Said it was good for .308 with heavy bullets. I am planning on running 175s but also have some new 169 smks to try, only 100 though. Just wondering if 175s are considered heavy...
  3. jLorenzo

    Figuring out zero for CCI Quiet semi auto

    I scored a brick off Midway, I will be shooting this in a 10/22 for plinking and pest control. Normally I zero my other 22s at 50y for either subs or supers. That being said anyway to figure out a good zero for max point blank with the CCI quiet semi? 45gr at 810 fps I believe. I am currently...
  4. jLorenzo

    AR shoulder bump

    How far should I be bumping the shoulder for a 223 wylde chamber? Im using a Hornady custom full length die, any tricks as far as starting out? Right now I set it until it barely touches the shell holder then I back off a tiny bit.
  5. jLorenzo

    Scale creeping up in weight

    I bought a Frankford Armoury Intellidropper. I have to rezero the scale every once in awhile between charges, if let to sit and warm up it will creep up .1-.4 or more in an hour or so. I have read amazon reviews that suggest this has to do with unstable power voltage and a power conditioner will...
  6. jLorenzo

    Question about powder container weight

    Any have an empty 5# Hodgedon jug they can weigh? I'm wanting to weight the powder I have left without changing containers.
  7. jLorenzo

    Whats going on here?

  8. jLorenzo

    Starting COAL 223

    Just got a WOA 18" 223 wylde barrel, have Hornady 75s and Varget. With my old barrel 23.8 seemed to be the sweet spot accuracy wise. I was going to load 5 of each at 23.6, 23.8, 24 to get started. What COAL should I be starting at? I am still without a base to ogive measuring tool, just have...
  9. jLorenzo

    Need a new powder trickler

    After a long trip in the trunk of my car, my Hornady auto charge keeps throwing above 30gr even when set to 23gr no matter what the settings are, certain buttons no longer work. What is the best buy once cry once auto trickler option? Currently only loading 223 and 308 but looking to expand with...
  10. jLorenzo

    Hornady 223 FL sizing die problems

    I moved recently and just got my bench set up. My Hornady 223 die had a slightly bent decapping rod from me being a bit of a dumb gorilla when I first started reloading, still seemed to pop primers fine so I used it as is even though I was a bit paranoid about the expander mandrel possibly being...
  11. jLorenzo

    3x18 Reccomendations

    Looking for a mil, 3x18 for an SPR. Will be paper punching, the occasional match and some varmint control. Looking at the Trijicon Tenmile but it seems a bit expensive, love the reticle though Primary Arms 3x18 Athena BPR mil is also an option, like the price and reticle but they're aren't any...
  12. jLorenzo

    TOP 4 states in the US for precision rifle shooting

    Give me your lists and reasons. Honorable mentions welcome also. I'm thinking Wyoming, Utah, Kansas and Arizona? Lots of open space and fairly gun friendly law wise (which is big because other states share the similar landscape but completely drive out all of the shooting ranges) Lower...
  13. jLorenzo

    Gas block installation on WOA barrel

    Im going with a standard low pro gas block, attempting to drill dimples without a press makes me a touch nervous but I believe I could do it, Ive also heard of using a file to make grooves for the set screws. I remember hearing Rockset mentioned before as well. What are your thoughts on the best...
  14. jLorenzo

    20 moa cantilever mount

    Anyone know of some good one piece cantilever mounts for the AR with 20 moa built in? Not finding much looking online.
  15. jLorenzo

    Choice of Brass

    Out of the mainstream, more widely available stuff, Winchester, Federal, etc which seems to be the most consistent? I haven't been able to bring myself to buy Lapua yet but I'm sure I will soon. I have been using Federal and it seems to be holding up fine. Is it a weight issue? I know Winchester...
  16. jLorenzo

    18" vs. 20" 5.56

    What are your opinions? I used to want my SPR to be decent at semi close range but in real life I only ever shoot it off the bipod or tripod. I will be target shooting, some local matches and very occasional varminting. I have a 18" now but the accuracy is not there and its going to be replaced...
  17. jLorenzo

    Anyone know where to order a match grade SPR barrel right now?

    Everything looks backordered all over. I wanted to go with a White Oak a while back but put it off, big mistake apparently.
  18. jLorenzo

    169 SMK

    Anyone have experience with these? Supposed to be good at 1000? Basically I'm wondering if they are better than the 175s.
  19. jLorenzo

    Affordable Tripod + head

    Wanting something I can use on a farm to clear some brush watching for coyotes and also for some hobby level local matches. Was thinking of getting a Hog Saddle for now. Nothing fancy or high speed necessary but light weight+semi robust would be nice. Dont want to spend an arm and a leg...
  20. jLorenzo

    SK Rifle Match vs. Long Range Match

    which is better for general shooting? I do fine with CCI std out at longer range so I assume the rifle match would do well also? Anybody know the difference? I can get bricks but want to make sure I get the best one for me. Ill probably have to try them both.