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    Fitting a Defiant in a Foundation inletted for Impact

    I have a spare foundation stock and was going to sell it but I got to thinking it would be nice on my backup rifle which is currently in a manners. It was on my impact action but my spare rifle is a defiant action. I stuck it in there and the bolt is hard to operate so it is for sure binding...
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    Optics Nightforce 7-35x56 Mil XT

    I bought this new from Eurooptic in November and have swapped to a Tangent. It comes with everything as it did new and is in excellent condition. It always stayed wrapped or had a scope chap on it to protect the finish. It sits in Nightforce 6 screw rings and has a Holland scope level. I will...
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    Optics Vortex Razor Gen 2 4.5-27x56 EBR-7C $1500

    I bought a mil version and need to sale this. Scope is in excellent condition with very minor spots on the edges of the windage turret. I can sale with Nightforce 6 screw rings and level or without them, covers are included also. Asking $1650 for everything or $1500 for scope
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    Accessories WTS Berger 105 6 creedmoor ammunition

    I have 20-20 rounds boxes for sale, all the same lot number. I am pretty much just shooting 6GT these days. I would like to sell it all as one lot. Asking $800 shipped
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    Who sells Foundation stock weights?

    I can’t find any in stock anywhere.
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    Accessories WTB Set of Foundation weights

    Anyone have a set or know where some are in stock?
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    Reloading Equipment WTB Hornady 6GT brass

    Anyone have any they want to sale?
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    Hunting & Fishing Any of yall guys sell tags or recommend an elk outfitter?

    I am thinking a landowner tag is the best way to go but I am kinda new at all this. I went to Colorado and hunted on an OTC tag a few years ago and luckily took a decent bull. I’d like to step up to a private ranch and take a bigger bull this year. Any of yall have private land you want to sell...
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    Rules for flying with ammo?

    I am gonna be going to western Oklahoma next month for a JTAC class and was wondering how aggravating it will be to fly with 200-300 rounds of ammo? Can I put that much in a checked bag? I’m pretty sure I wont have enough room in my rifle hard case for it. Wondering how much of a a hassle you...
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    Accessories Crye Precision 36L Khaki G3 Combat pants

    I bought these off of another site not know exactly what size I wore and I was unsure if I needed a long or extra long. Turns out I needed an extra long. LOL These were used but are in excellent condition, they show absolutely no wear that I can see and have no stains or tears/rips. I paid more...
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    Firearms WTB M&P compact 22 or Glock 44

    Anyone have one for sale?
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    Accessories WTB Eberlestock Upranger pack

    Anyone have one for sale? Preferably in dark earth. Thanks
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    Reloading Equipment WTT...8lb jug of H4350 for 8lbs of Varget

    I am in the Tn, Al, Ga area but travel quite a bit shooting. Anyone in this area want to trade out some H4350 for Varget? Thanks guys
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    My thoughts on GPS pack after shooting a match with it.

    I bought a tall GPS pack a couple weeks ago after trying a couple different packs that didn’t quite work for me. A couple of things I don’t like abt the GPS, no drink pocket on the outside and no pocket to put the tripod in. So my solution was to add a couple of simple items to it, the two...
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    Reloading Equipment Anyone have a box or partial box of Bergers 215 Hybrids they want to sale?

    Looking for some to load my son some ammo for Christmas.
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    Anyone have contact info for Annealeez?

    I have sent him a couple of emails over the last few weeks with no response. I need a part for mine.
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    Sig Kilo 2400ABS getting dim in cold weather

    I hunted this evening and left my rangefinder laying out for quick access. It was snowing and abt 30 with the wind blowing abt 10-15mph so teh weather was shitty. I picked them up to range a doe and i could barely read the display After they had been out abt an hour. I could turn it around where...
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    Accessories Two Vets Tripod with RRS Anvil 30 head

    I broke down and gave myself with an early Christmas present of a RRS 34L tripod and it comes with the Anvil 30 ball head so I have an extra. I would rather keep these two together if possible. The no name tripod from Two Vets is solid if you haven’t tried it. It will also come with the leveling...
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    Opinions on Grey Ops mini pro plate

    What do yall guys that have used them think abt them with and without the Armageddon bag.
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    Accessories WTB RRS TFCT 34L tripod

    Let me know what you have. Thanks