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  1. basman

    Accessories 120 Round / Field Pack

    I think that it’s a great design! Being able to take one sleeve out at a time. The handle is a nice addition.
  2. basman

    New Center X accuracy

    Current Lapua rimfire ammo lot numbers are composed of eleven (11) digits, five (5) digits followed by a forward slash, followed by another six (6) digits. The five digits before before the forward slash: First two digits (digits 1 and 2): Prepend a ‘3’ in front of the digits to get muzzle...
  3. basman

    New Center X accuracy

  4. basman

    Where to get ammo now post

    Still have some as of 9 AM Eastern time
  5. basman

    2 rifles for nrl22 nrl22x

    I think that the only stage where a semi is an “advantage “ may be the timed stage. after shooting 90 second stages, 120 seconds seems like forever
  6. basman

    Tikka T1X

    I did swap it out for a slightly longer one. Don’t remember the brand…..
  7. basman

    SOLD Reduced! EC Tuner

    5/8x 24?
  8. basman

    Tikka T1X

    Perfect!! Quality, fit, finish is top notch. but best of all is it functioned 100% in a match. I’m using it at 12 rounds with the block in.
  9. basman

    Tikka T1X

  10. basman

    Tikka T1X

    The photo I forgot to take yesterday!
  11. basman

    Magnetospeed Hit Indicators/Flashers for Long Range Rimfire

    We use ours at 350 just about every month. Lights every time.
  12. basman

    Tikka T1X

    I’ll snag a photo for you today.
  13. basman

    Tikka T1X

    The extension’s worked great for me. I ran the same + 4 mag extension, with the block in it to limit it to +2 yesterday, and it was flawless in my Tikka over a 8 stage Rimfire match. I haven’t tried the +4 option yet because I don’t want to stretch the spring. I value reliability over +2.
  14. basman


    Corrugated plastic as a backer. Fits 2 11x17 paper targets stapled on
  15. basman

    SOLD MPA BA Comp. Chassis Savage. (REDUCED)

    I sure wish I hadn’t bought an MTD stock for my savage SA a few months ago, cause I’d be all over this!!
  16. basman

    SOLD MPA BA Comp. Chassis Savage. (REDUCED)

    Looks beautiful! Good luck with sale!
  17. basman

    Accessories WTS New TriggerTech triggers

    This still available? TriggerTech Diamond, Red, right hand, pro curved, without bolt release, NiB $275
  18. basman

    Tikka T1x extended magazine’s

    thanks for letting me know. Going to order some today!