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  1. camocorvette

    Reloading Equipment Lots of brass, pistol, rifle.

    **SOLD** 44 S&W Special. Once fired. Cleaned. Mixed headstamps. 120 cases total. $50 shipped 40 Cal. Once fired, cleaned. Mixed head stamps. 801 cases total. $70 shipped 270 WIN brass. Once fired from bolt action. Cleaned, deprimed, ready for sizing. 102 cases total(1-FC, 50-RP, 51 Winchester...
  2. camocorvette

    SOLD Surefire Warden

    *sold*FDE Surefire Warden. Shows some signs of use. Great shape. 200 OBO shipped. PM if interested. Venmo or PayPal works. Will scrub carbon off and update photos.
  3. camocorvette

    Optics 1x4 Millett DMS 1

    I bought this second hand in great shape off the hide a month or 2 ago. Paid 125 shipped. Works great. I just went with more magnification. Glass is clear and reticle bright with illumination. I bought a Warne Cantilever mount for it and rocked it. Paid 50 for the mount. Would just like to get...
  4. camocorvette

    SOLD 223 Hornady Dies

    BNIB Hornady Full length 2 die set. $40 shipped PM if interested. Venmo or PayPal works best.
  5. camocorvette

    SOLD 223 RCBS Dies

    Going through stuff and found these extras. RCBS FL 223 die set. Includes shellholder. Never used. (Shellholder is used) $60 shipped *SOLD*(50) WIN 22-250 Cases. New unfired. No case prep done yet.$35 shipped*SOLD* PM or comment "I'll take it". Prefer venmo but I can do PayPal too.
  6. camocorvette

    Accessories 1911 mags

    2-Triple K Colt 1911 45cal 7 round S.S magazines BNIB- $40>Now $30 shipped *sold***153- 45-70 Govt Hornady cases. Once fired from bolt action. Primer pockets cleaned, flash holes deburred, case necks chamfered. Needs sizing and ready to load. Comes in 3 MTM Magnum case guards. 50 round...
  7. camocorvette

    Night Vision Monocular help

    I am about to buy a cheap NV monocular. Does anyone have any suggestions for that 600>700 price range that would work better? Also the data sheet on specs? FOV, mag, generation. Uses are just handheld spotting coyotes and raccoons in the field. Looking at stars and scenery. Exploring the...
  8. camocorvette

    Maggie’s 556 ammo for sale

    60 rounds of Hornady Black 75 SP $120 100 rounds Aguila 62 gr $200 240 rounds PMC 62gr Green tip-LAP $480 Not trying to gouge. Just want to help out fellow shooters that need ammo. * a joke *
  9. camocorvette


    1k cci SRP 450 primers -$100 1k Wolf LRP magnum primers - $100
  10. camocorvette

    SOLD 338WM ammo

    2x boxes of Sako Hammerhead 338 Win Mag 250Gr Bonded Soft Point. 20 count x2. 1x box of Barnes 338 Win Mag 225Gr Tipped TSX BT. 20 count 130 shipped. Message on here or in PM. Prefer venmo but can use PayPal if needed. Thanks
  11. camocorvette

    Reloading Equipment WTB AK brass

    Hello and thanks for looking. I'm looking for 100 cases of reloadable brass cased 7.62x39. In good condition. Same/preferred head stamp. Case prep not needed. Also interested in 100 rounds of loaded brass cased 7.62x39 if necessary; but I would much rather just have spent/new brass. Prefer...
  12. camocorvette

    Mental Heath, get your head right.

    I've read through the majority of the fitness page and this is one thing I didn't see. Maybe a sticky perhaps, of things we have to go through, and how we've dealt with them. I'm a firm believer that an important part about physical fitness is mental fitness. I know we all go through tough...
  13. camocorvette

    AR Swivel Stud Bipod Attachment

    This may not work for everyone. It will if you have a LMT MRP upper, or any upper that has built in swivel stud attachment points or "flush cups". Pictured above is your standard YHM bipod mount adapter. It works well. Serves its purpose. Below is my patent pending, copyrighted, custom, one...
  14. camocorvette

    I dont want to be rescued by these guys

  15. camocorvette


    I'm sure this has been posted several times by now. It was very well put together, with lot's of LR and ELR hits. If your looking for a video that shows trace, it shows that well in many of the shots. Sorry its a long one. But its a great video. Enjoy * some animals are harmed in the making of...
  16. camocorvette

    My barrel is getting there...

    My SPS varmit is getting there, roughly 1700 rounds through it at this point. Once my groups open up I'm going to replace the barrel and blueprint the action. Just wondering how many of you have bought a remington 700 in .308 shot out the barrel and switched it to .223? ( or any other calibers...
  17. camocorvette

    H20?Your Setup?

    I am just wondering. What hydration system are most of you guys running over sea's? Mainly consisting of you guys in afghanistan. Also anyone that needs/wants to carry some water were ever they might go. I just used a Camelback bladder pack with shoulder straps. It seemed to work fine and the...
  18. camocorvette

    Maggie’s Kids these days...

    So we got some new joe's in a couple weeks ago. For the most part their squared away... But the other day I just had to walk away from the stupidity.. Was giving a little class on rooming clearing. Talking about the ranges that will be coming up. what to expect and that sort of thing. I...
  19. camocorvette

    Didn't Blow Up

    This past weekend I finally fired a few of my first handloads. I gota say I felt alittle nervous.. But all my fingers and eyes are accounted for! I dont have pictures, but then I only fired 5 of them. Just wanted to make sure they werent going to blow up before I got into full scale load...
  20. camocorvette

    Bobby Hart LTR Laminated Heavy Barrel Riflestocks

    what are your thoughts or any experience with these? I want to get the Birch ( 3rd from the top) or maybe the orange or the red if im feeling crazy. and I'm not interested because it says "Long Range" I just think they are good looking Would be going on a Remington 700 SPS Varmit BBL 308...